Many players still don’t know anything about how to play somewhere. This traditional game at onbet is very interesting and not too difficult to play. The following article will reveal the one-of-a-kind method to break the disc jockey game at the onbet Bookmaker Homepage.

1. Introduction to onbet bookmakers

Disc jockeys are the traditional betting sport of our Vietnamese nation. Any player who is interested in gambling has at least a few times experienced this game.

1.1. Onbet bookmaker’s disc jockey game

At the onbet bookmaker, the disc jockey game is invested and designed carefully, absorbing all the quintessential values from tradition. To see the most standard disc jockey at onbet, you need to understand the nature of this game first.

Betting on even and odd, predicting the number of faces, backs in 4. Besides, the onbet bookmaker also integrates the “talent – slag” feature in this game. You can optionally choose an “even-odd” bet or a “talent-under” bet.

1.2. Odds of onbet online games

Players who want to look at the onbet properly should learn carefully about the odds set by the bookmaker:

  • The odds of winning at the “even-odd” and “fiddle” doors are 1:0.95.
  • The odds of winning “3 red 1 white” / “3 white 1 red” are 1:2.7.
  • The odds of winning “4 red”/”4 white” are 1:13.5.

2. The best discography tips at onbet

Here are the best tips for hitting that spot at the bookmaker.

2.1. Disc jumps according to the law of folding

The folding algorithm is the familiar algorithm of online disc jockeys. To play well according to the folding rules, you need to make sure you have a large enough capital. The way to look at the disc in a folding way is as follows:

  • As a first step, the player chooses to bet on either even and odd doors.
  • In case you lose this game, the next game you still put on the door set in step 1, with twice the amount of the original bet.
  • Continue to do so until you win, you will gain profit.
  • When you win, go back to the original step and play the next round.

2.2. Follow the winning player

One of the best ways to look at onbet is to observe and follow players who are winning bets in a row. Winning consecutively shows that the person is very lucky or very skilled or experienced.

For new players who do not know many disc jockey techniques, it is wise to “enjoy” luck or follow the mastery of other players.

2.3. Disc jockey

  • The disc jockey is sometimes 25 games long. In order to look at the flat bridge, players need to understand the basic types of flat bridges: parity bridge, 1-1 bridge, 2-2 bridge, jump bridge. According to onbetvip statistics, parity bridges have the highest probability of returning.
  • The bridge is quite long, so players need to prepare a stable and large capital so as not to break midway.
  • Players can seize the opportunity to catch parity when soaking the bridge from the 4th bet onwards. The parity bridge can last up to 19 games, so it is not difficult for players to win.
  • When there is a 1-1 bridge, immediately after that, there is a jump bridge. You should remember this clearly to apply to betting.
  • Bridges 2-2 have a fairly stable tempo, so players can hit 10 to 15 bridges without worrying about being burned by the house.
  • With a jump bridge, you need to know the sign to recognize it. This form of sphere usually has the shortest cycle, without rules, elusive trickery. Therefore, players should not hit thick when they see these signs.

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2.4. Understand the structure of the disc bridge panel

A good way to successfully examine the disc bridge is to understand the structure of the plate. Here are the basic symbols in the globe that you need to grasp:

  • The blue C symbol is a blanket bridge
  • The red L symbol is odd bridge.
  • The red T symbol is the door.
  • The blue X symbol is the door.
  • The white symbol 0 is the total point, which is equivalent to 4 white nodes.
  • The green 1 button is equivalent to the shock effect.
  • The green 2 button is equivalent to the player’s score.
  • The yellow 3 button is equivalent to the disc shock result.

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Above are the secrets of 102 discs that onbet has synthesized from many masters. Hopefully, this sharing will help you win the ultimate betting game at onbet’s top bookmaker.

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