Onbet is one of the reputable bookmakers, which many people are interested in today. If you want to know all the details about Onbet bookmaker, please refer to this article. Here provides all the Onbet guides & reviews that everyone interested in this bookmaker should know.

Link to Onbet 

You need 1 account to access and web on the Loto88 system. Bookmakers use databases to host websites. So players can go to any web to play immediately.

What is Onbet casino?

About Onbet

Onbet is the brand name of a bookmaker specializing in lot operations, online lotteries and online betting game services. Any bookmaker can clearly distinguish for this bookmaker.

Onbet of the Philippines and betting in this country is completely legal. This makes many people pay attention and love this bookmaker more. Where is the head office of this bookmaker? Onbet is headquartered at Six Senses Residences – Metro Bank Ave, Pasay in the heart of Manila.

This bookmaker operates completely legally in the Philippines and is under the management of the world’s prestigious betting organization Gaming Associates. You are looking for a reputable bookmaker you should not ignore this bookmaker. The bookmaker has a business license to operate in the field of online betting and lotting. The bookmaker has a PAGCOR license – business code OGL 160023.

This bookmaker is reputable in Asia so Onbet has many popular entertainment betting games today. The house’s strengths are mainly in the field of lots, online lotteries. Due to the integration and business process, Onbet has gradually encroached on the fields of betting including Live Casino, sports, slot games ….

If you talk in Southeast Asia in particular, you will see that Onbet bookmaker has a surprising number of participants. This bookmaker has super attractive promotions you should not miss.

If you want to find a stronger bookmaker in online casino, sports betting, FB88 may be a better choice than Onbet. FB88 bookmaker is highly appreciated by many reputable units.

Onbet Review


Bookmaker Onbet has a vivid, beautiful, modern website design that makes many people attracted. In addition, this bookmaker has a game web design that is easy to play and is more attracted and loved by many people.


Onbet has modern applications and with many super attractive games. Including lottery games, or slot games, folk games, online cockfighting ….

The bookmaker is trusted by a large number of players

Services provided

Bookmaker Onbet has a service that provides quality such as a fast deposit service that makes players comfortable. That service makes more people attracted.


Onbet’s customer care support service is extremely good and dedicated. The staff has many years of experience and high expertise that makes many people more attracted. They will support players 24/24 on all issues related to online games at Onbet.

How to Register Onbet (and Login)

How to sign up for Onbet

Step 1: First, go to the link. You will then see a panel called “Sign up for an account”.

Step 2: Please fill in all the information including:

Username – account name (no less than 5 characters).

Login password – account password (not the same as payment password).

Payment password – the password to use later to withdraw money (not the same as the login password).

Nickname – your name.

Phone number – your actual phone number is in use.

Email – the email you’re using currently.

Step 3: Finally, you click on “register” to complete the registration process.

How to sign in

Step 1: First, visit the main link of Onbet. You will then see a login panel called “Onbet”.

Step 2: After you fill in the username and password. Finally, you tap on the “login” section.

What banks does Onbet support?

Onbet supports banks such as ACB, MB, BIDV, Agribank, Vietcombank, Techcombank, Vietinbank.

Banks that support Onbet deposits

How to deposit Onbet

Step 1: First, log in to Onbet.

Step 2: After you click on the deposit section.

Step 3: You choose the bank to trade.

Step 4: You get the account number and the requested Onbet transfer.

Step 5: You transfer money and write the transfer content according to the bookmaker’s request.

Note: You must write your uidt code in the body of the transfer when transferring money. The only information for the bookmaker to confirm your amount, not recorded will not be updated. Since you deposit Onbet in a 1-touch way, you should do the right thing.

Deposit at Onbet bookmaker

The account number representing Onbet changes frequently, so you should pay more attention.

The minimum deposit amount is at 200k and at most 100 million / 1 deposit.

Please write down the exact content of the onbet bookmaker’s transfer in the deposit section.

Make your first deposit if you choose a promotion you will have conditions when withdrawing funds.

You should register your bank’s internet banking service to facilitate the transaction process.

The deposit time will be processed in 1 minute.

How to withdraw Onbet

If you want to withdraw money from Onbet, register a bank account and when withdrawing money Onbet will transfer to the account number to that bank account number.

Step 1: First, register a bank account. On the computer, you hover on the nick name, you select “bank account”, on the mobile select “account”. You click on “bank account registration”. A popup appears, enter full bank account information and payment password when registering an account, next, click next step to complete.

Step 2: Withdraw Onbet funds. If you register a bank account and withdraw money for the first time according to Onbet’s regulations, it must be withdrawn 6 hours later. You click on “withdrawal” in the top menu.

You choose the bank account to receive the money, enter the withdrawal amount (minimum 200,000 VND, maximum 100,000,000 VND in 1 withdrawal, maximum 5 withdrawals per day), enter the payment password click send.

After the withdrawal status is successful for about 5 minutes, the Onbet transfer will be received. You want to check the withdrawal status select “withdrawal history” to check if the withdrawal is faulty or successful. Onbet withdrawal time is 24/24, you can withdraw money at any time.

Onbet Promotions (Offers, Bonuses)

Onbet promotions are many and also give constant rewards to players. Onbet is Southeast Asia’s largest online bookmaker website. Onbet is registered and operates legally in the Philippines.

Give 188k to new players

The promotion is open to all new Onbet members. The promotion is for successfully opening an account and linking a bank account and verifying the phone number registered with Onbet immediately. New players are given 188k.

The promotion is calculated when the participating member must register full personal information and link the bank card to the playing account. The promotion is open to the 1880 members who quickly register at the earliest. You get 24/7 support to receive the promotion and receive the promotion must bet on all 10 rounds.

Conditions for withdrawal of the bonus when the member does not violate the rules for receiving the promotion and the total stake required to be withdrawn. Lottery bets have a < bet = 75% of the total bet.

High refund online casino

Onbet members will receive a casino cashback of up to 0.8% depending on the total amount of valid bets placed on the day. Tie bets, cancellation bets, double-sided bets, void bets will not be included in the total bet.

The refund amount is received with a minimum of 3000 VND. Refunds will be automatically updated daily by the Onbet system after 14:00 (GMT +7). Refunds require a one-time bet on the site, the benefits from this program are not transferred to other members in many ways.

5% super speed return every day

The promotion can be made when you deposit >= 2 million and the total loss of bets in a day of about 2 million or more will receive this promotion. When the account balance is less than 1000 VND, the promotion will end forever.

After the refund of the bet, the amount of the bet the member needs to reach in order to be able to withdraw with, the x5 cashback. Every day from 8:00 – 15:00 to receive the previous day’s refund promotion, you can contact the customer service 24/7 support.

Bet on slots games – get extra bonuses

The bonus promotion when betting slots at Onbet is complete. You can hurry up to reap valuable rewards for yourself. The promotion is applicable to all members when participating in slots games at the site.

Services at Onbet


Football betting – a type of betting that many people pay attention to because it brings a lively football space. In addition, football around the world and Vietnam are updated at Onbet the fastest and most accurate.

Betting on other sports – in addition to the sport of football, Onbet will bring you other games such as table tennis, tennis, volleyball, basketball ….

Online Casino

Baccarat – the game has simple gameplay and anyone can play it, you should not ignore it. If you know how to play, you will have the perfect chance to eat money.

Roulette – a game of high chance and increasingly interested in it.

Sicbo – brings special gameplay that has never let players down. Sicbo you just need to know how to play and have high chance.


Fish shooting – the game allows multiple players in one match. You should not ignore the game even once. Shooting slot fish has attractive, dramatic and exciting gameplay. Moreover, this game has a beautiful, vivid graphic design worth experiencing. You can invite your friends to play after every tiring hour of work.

Slag – a game of chance that many people are interested in because it offers an unexpected experience. The game is highly risky and helps you quickly get the opportunity to eat money you should not miss.

Lottery – Title number

Super speed lottery – a type of lottery for those who love thrills, or can try their luck before betting on traditional lots. Traditional lotteries started in China and were brought by Onbet to domestic players.

Northern Lottery – traditional lottery results 18:30 daily. The winning results are based on the results of the daily xsmb lottery from 2nd to Sunday.

Central and southern lotteries – the winning results are taken according to the lotteries of the central and southern provinces. Now online bingo you can hit all 3 domains anytime, anywhere. Moreover, the bookmaker has a more attractive eating rate from the outside. This point is a plus point from customers for Onbet bookmakers.

How to contact Onbet

There are currently many ways to contact a publisher, of which you can use one of the following:

The first way – contact Onbet via the hotline provided by the publisher. You can contact this line to get the fastest response based on the customer service staff system that always allocates personnel on duty. This contact channel is chosen by the vast majority of players due to the fastest response and problem resolution speed.

2nd way – please contact Onbet via the online chat portal shown at the bottom right of the homepage. This contact method will normally be responded to by the department 24/7 at the latest after 30 minutes of request.

The 3rd way – chat or call through the publisher’s facebook fanpage. This way of contacting Onbet received the longest response of the two above. But if it is not really necessary or urgent, you can choose this way.

Onbet scam? Is Onbet reputable?

Many players often wonder if Onbet is a scam? Or is Onbet reputable? Below we will explore these false rumors in the most detail.

Onbet scam?

This question really doesn’t have any specific information to talk about. But in my opinion, this bookmaker is not a scam and that can only be caused by rumors of jealous people.

First, you must know more about the size and financial potential of Onbet. Onbet is a large-scale online lot betting network, online casino, football betting. This bookmaker has been dominating the Asian market for a long time.

Bookmaker with a capital of up to billions of dollars, Onbet is currently covering countries including the Philippines, China, Malaysia. Currently available in both Vietnam and the support staff is up to thousands of employees.

Is Onbet reputable?

Many players often wonder if Onbet is reputable. In my opinion, this bookmaker is completely reputable.

The interface of this bookmaker has a beautiful, easy-to-understand interface design, and especially has a full range of traditional lottery bets including titles, lots, skewers ….

Next thing to talk about is Onbet’s 24/7 customer service. According to the information I know, this bookmaker serves players very well, advises how to gamble, or transfers withdrawals of a team of fast and professional staff. Moreover, this bookmaker has a care service at zalo, so it is very convenient for players.

Payment services that reward players like Onbet withdraw money only 5 to 10 minutes to your account. Long-time players here rate the house as having a fast, fast and secure payment system, including those who are new to Onbet.

Onbet’s safety is undisputed. The bookmaker is headquartered in Malina, Philippines and it is considered a bookmaker’s paradise. Therefore, the security of customer information is high. Loto88 betting website operating legally in the Philippines (PAGCOR license number OGL 16 – 0023) is monitored by Gaming Associates.

FAQs about Onbet

What sub-links does Onbet bookmaker have?

The priests we mentioned at the beginning of this article.

Onbet caught, crashed, right?

Currently, many bookmakers have been blocked and shut down. Onbet is also considered by some players to be caught. It can also be considered as a trick of bookmakers who are competing with Onbet, to discredit.

The fact that Onbet was arrested and collapsed is a false rumor, an unfounded rumor. Due to Onbet daily there are still hundreds, thousands of people participating in betting games. The basic elements below will assist you in making more standard inferences.

The web address remains the same – the bookmaker has been targeted, the first thing will be blocked the homepage. From this it follows that Onbet has never been arrested.

The customer is still involved – a bookmaker is caught, making sure the player can’t play.

The web is blocked – the bookie you are playing, when accessing the homepage but switching to the C50 CNC bureau vigilance notice. That proves the bookmaker is under investigation.

The bookmaker changes the domain – you are playing normally, you see that the bookmaker has changed the login link. That means the bookmaker is under investigation.

This bookmaker is actually still operating normally, there are no problems at all. The news of Onbet’s arrest is just a rumor.

What to do when Onbet fails? Maintenance (not accessible)?

If you find that Onbet is unable to enter, please contact the bookmaker’s hotline. Or the customer care system here for them to advise.

Is it safe to play at Onbet?

Playing at Onbet is really safe, you can safely trust this bookmaker. The bookmaker has a Philippine operating license and is highly appreciated by many. The betting games here are very attractive you should experience once.

What to do when Onbet withdrawals are slow?

If you find that the Onbet withdrawal process is slow, please contact Onbet’s customer care system. Or check your account carefully.

What is Onbet Affiliate? Who should participate?

Onbet agency is an agency with the function of advertising to many people who know this bookmaker. When you make a referral known to many people and register an account at Onbet, you receive the corresponding commission percentage.

In which countries is Onbet available? What languages are supported?

Onbet in countries such as China, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam….This bookmaker supports many different languages. Due to the diverse language system, many players in many different countries can play and experience the game here. This point is highly appreciated by many players and is well known.

A more popular and more interested bookmaker is Onbet With Onbet.com, you can be much more assured of service quality, deposit and withdrawal speed and other factors.


Onbet is one of the leading reputable bookmakers today. Here you will experience many attractive betting games. Those games will help you quickly get attractive and full of unexpected rewards. Those who love betting cannot help but know this Onbet bookmaker.

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