The card game is quite familiar to bettors at Onbet bookmaker and mastering the Onbet Trading Rules is an indispensable factor when playing the game of trade. So how important is the law of the game? Let’s find out through the article below.

Learn about Onbet trade laws

The rules of the Onbet army when played are not too difficult to understand, the ascending order from small to large of the trade card is: 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K-A. The game only considers card value, not card quality, so players have enough time to arrange 13 cards into different limbs (specifically 3 limbs).

The game rule when placing cards is most correct that the player must arrange his cards into limbs so that the value of the first limb of 3 cards is lower than the limb between 5 cards, the limb between 5 cards is lower than the last limb of 5 cards to go to compare cards. In case the player falls into a situation where The Warrior wins white, he will win all without having to compare cards.

Terms commonly used when playing Soldiers

Similar to other card games, Onbet has a number of terms to identify how low and high people’s cards are. Here are the terms to grasp:

  • Genus: About 3-5 cards folded into a group to participate according to the rules of the game. Players will participate in the genus arrangement including 2 limbs of 5 cards and 1 genus of 3 cards out of 13 cards.
  • Dragon Hall: The white victory card hall in the Onbet trade rules has 13 cards of consecutive value: 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K-A
  • Four quarters: A genus with 4 cards of 4 substances and co-value, only appearing in the 5-card limb. For example, quartet 4, quarter 8.
  • Tickle: A 5-card card with the same value (3 cards of the same value) and double (2 cards of the same value). For example, 3-3-3-7-7.
  • – Breaking Barrel: As the strongest card in the Onbet trade law, there are 5 identical cards and those 5 cards have consecutive values. For example, 6-7-8-9-10 (muscle).
  • Barrel: Is a 5-card genus of any substance. For example, 7-J-K-5-4 (cloves).
  • Hall: A genus of 5 cards with consecutive values that are not of the same substance. For example, 9 spades – 10 muscles – J checkered – Q muscle – K cloves.
  • Is 1 genus of cards with 3 cards of the same value and the remaining 2 cards are different in the genus of 5 cards. For example, 5-5-5-10-K.
  • Beast: A 5-card card with 2 pairs of the same value and 1 other card. For example, 7-7-8-8-J.
  • Double: Is 1 card genus with 2 cards of the same value and the remaining 3 cards are different in the genus of 5 cards. Example: 3-3-10-8-6
  • Dangling troops: It is a case of improper arrangement of expenditures according to the Onbet trade law in order: spending 1 > spending 2 > spending 3.
  • Gray: Is 3 cards of the same number appearing in the genus of 3 cards
  • Bidding: A genus with 5 separate cards cannot form the above case. For example, A-4-6-9-J.

How to apply the Onbet rules when playing most effectively?

If you only know the rules of the game but do not know how to apply it to form tips and experience in hitting, it is very difficult for players to surprise opponents stronger than themselves. So what’s the secret to the best game?

Follow the rules when playing

The principle of the game is nothing more than that you must arrange the cards in accordance with the Onbet trade rules. There may be many players who find their card placement in very strong cases, but if that is the case, it is meaningless because they will lose immediately because it is against the rules.

Apply wise placing skills

The skill of placing cards to the most advantage is also a factor that players need to forge through many matches. Since the first 5 cards are the largest limb, also the most important, players need to think about how to arrange so that the card falls into the strongest case according to the Onbet trade rules. The fewer trade cards (garbage), the easier it is for players to win.

Use the tactics of playing soldiers

The players who play the army they use a lot of different tactics. An example is “3 barrels”, which means that the player should arrange so that there are Crates on the first limb and the strongest pair in the last limb. If you put a strong limb in the middle, the player will achieve “3 barrels”.

Another example to properly arrange according to the Onbet trade rules is the “3-island lobby”, which means that the player should arrange so that there are 3 pairs in the first and middle limbs, but to increase the odds of winning higher, the player should leave the largest pair in the last limb.

Observe the opponent before hitting

Another important thing in the process of hitting is that the player needs to observe the opponent. A lot of people mistakenly believe that those who rank the fastest are the best because they fully understand the Onbet trade rules.

But that’s not entirely accurate because the more you meet strong opponents. Players will find that they are calm and slow in how to arrange cards to calculate so that the cards are both reasonable and strongest, and the more time they have to think , the more time they have to think. This is to help players distinguish whether their opponent is a real master or a new dreamer.

What are you waiting for without depositing Onbet and joining the Soldier game right away to have a chance to win many valuable rewards?

Final Thoughts

Above is what players need to know about Onbet trade rules and the best experience of applying the rules to trade soldiers. Card games have many forms of play both online and ofline, but to play the best, online bookmakers are always the most suitable places. Do not forget to visit and post carefully to join the bookmaker Onbet to have the opportunity to apply the rules of the game to the game!

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