If you are a player and are looking for a bettor that can eat a lot of bonuses, skewers are a reasonable choice. The oblique bet has an extremely high bonus rate, but in return its gameplay is very difficult. Therefore, you must know how to look at oblique bets as well as how to calculate bets in this type of bet. And if you do not know, please rest assured because here the reputable bookmaker onbet will support you to do it. Stay tuned!

What is an oblique trellis?

Oblique truss is a technical term used to refer to the highly risky type of bet that is an oblique bet. The international name for this type of truss is Multiple, Mix Parlay, Coupons or Accumulators,.. But whatever the name it is, it’s just a bet that sums up a lot of bets. Usually in one bet you can only bet one bet, but with oblique bets you can bet multiple bets at the same time and in one bet ticket

Oblique bets are applied in sports betting in general and football betting in particular. However, when looking at oblique bets, you note that only the same types of bets can be skewered, not mixed with many types of trusses. That is, if the Asian skewer bet, it will include many Asian bets, not mixed with European or slag bets.

This oblique and handicap play is often applied by masters. And novice players often rarely get to this game because it is really complicated. A wrong move by this bet could put the player away from shore immediately.

Features of oblique truss

Invariably, some scrutiny has a purpose of finding traits, also known as finding their pros and cons. With oblique bets, too, oblique betting will help you know its characteristics and have consideration before going down.

About the advantages

There will not be too much debate, the biggest advantage of the skewer bet is the huge profit it brings to the betting brothers. If the Asian or European bet can only be “one capital four words”, then the oblique bet can give you “one capital but invitation”. If you eat skewers, it is very normal for you to get an exponentially increased bonus. This is also the factor that makes many bettors, although they know it is difficult to eat, still play and hope to get rich.

About the cons

In return for the bonus rate on time, it will be a very low eating rate. Since it is an oblique bet and it consists of many smaller bets, each such bet will be considered a link. Therefore, if only one bet loses, it is considered that even that skewer of yours will also lose.

The skewer bet is extremely linked and just one broken bet will make the bet lose money immediately. This reason why the oblique bet is always not for the weak. It’s literally only for brothers who “have the guts to get rich.”

How to calculate bets when looking at oblique bets

When looking at oblique bets, knowing how to calculate the bet is also an extremely important aspect. And here will be the calculation of oblique bets with two types of bets: Asian and European bets:

  • For European bets: the winnings of the oblique bet will be calculated using the formula: Odds 1 x odds 2 x odds 3 x odds N odds
  • For Asian bets: the winnings of the oblique bet with the Asian bet will be as follows: the bonus ratio of the winning bet x [the bonus ratio of the bet 1/2 – 1)/<>] x <>/<> (half losing bet) x <> (draw) x … coefficient of truss N

Final Thoughts

With the above article of Onbet Ios, APK, pc do you know what an oblique bet is? This is an extremely risky bet, although the bonus is high, the odds of losing are also large. So, please consider carefully before playing skewered bets!

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