Explain the concept of house odds, update the most accurate football bet reading for bettors entering the market to get the best overview. What are the odds? The most accurate way to read football bets

What are the odds?

Odds or house edges are one of the most talked about terms in the process of participating in betting as well as participating in football betting.

Simply put, this term refers to the odds of a particular match in football. This ratio will be given by the bookmaker based on the process of analyzing, synthesizing as well as forecasting the match and then publicly available for players to bet on as a basis for playing. Usually the house edge will be publicly listed about 1-2 weeks before the match.

Common odds in football often used

In fact, in football betting today, there are many types of bets that are applied by players extremely often, especially in Premier League bookmakers. Players can refer to some types of bets as follows:

  • Brass ball
  • 1/2)
  • Left half handicap (1/2 handicap)
  • 1st half handicap (1 draw)
  • Odds 1 1/4
  • Bet 1 break
  • – 1.75 Odds
  • Bet 2
  • Slag
  • European rafters

The most accurate way to read football bets

Let’s take a look at the most detailed ways to read football online including:

How to read Asian football matches

Usually, Asian football bets are also known as Asian handicaps, this is a type of bet that uses odds to European bookmakers for markets in Asia to bet.

There will include odds such as:

Ratio 0 – 0

At this rate, in case the match ends without the winner, the player is refunded 100% of the bet. In case the score wins, whoever bets the right winning team will eat and vice versa.

Ratio 1/4

Simply put, this is a handicap ratio of less than half left = 0.25 left. At this rate, when the match ends with a draw, the upper door bet wins. As for the result of the match being won or lost, whoever bets the winning team will eat money.

Ratio 1/2

With this bet, the upper door team will handicap the left half of the lower door team. In case the match is drawn, you will not be refunded. In the 1/2 bet, there is only a win or a loss. If you put the door on the win and the actual result is that the team on the door wins, you eat money and vice versa.

Ratio 3/4

This is a handicap of 1 and a half fruits, in case the match is 1-0, the upper door eats half the money, the bottom door loses half the money. To eat enough money, the upper door must win by a margin of 2 goals or more and vice versa.

– 2.25 Links

This ratio is understood as the upper door wins by 2 tables, the upper door eats half the money, the lower door loses half the money. Under 2 tables, the lower door eats enough money, the upper door loses enough. At the same time, the difference is 2 tables, the upper door eats enough money, the lower door loses enough money.

How to read European football matches

In this category there are only bets on the winner, loser or draw. So just set the door, compare the actual results of the match will give the result of winning or losing the bet.

How to read the slag

With a slag bet, players only need to choose whether the total number of match goals is more or less than the ratio given by the house to be able to know whether they win or lose the bet. Remember that the number of goals is more than the ratio given, it is TAI, the lower is UNDER.

Above is ONBET’s sharing about the odds and how to read the house bet. You can refer to this article to choose for yourself the most correct and accurate way to play. Don’t forget to visit ONBETVIP every day to keep up to date with the latest news about the game.

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