QQ Live is a professional playground providing leading online entertainment services already present in Vietnam. QQ Live brings players to participate in the experience. The QQ Live entertainment application, although it has just been launched on the market in a short time, has shown great attraction to customers. The analysis article of the prestigious bookmaker Onbet will talk about the operation of QQlive for readers who are interested in this brand.

Brief information about the QQ Live brand


QQ Live was born in the context of the growing trend of live apps. The playground gives participants a perfect livestream environment to satisfy their passion for interacting with idols and becoming idols of their youth.

Backing QQ Live is Asia’s leading powerful financial group with a long-established reputation in the region and the world. QQ is the address that has received great trust of players since its launch with a strong growing number of members after only a few years of operation.

QQ is like a true paradise for those who participate in the experience. QQ playground is open to customers the opportunity to relax with the beautiful girl community with a library of videos and images, moreover, making easy money and betting games at QQ Live is an interesting solution for red and black enthusiasts.

Evaluate QQlive’s performance

QQLive Live Stream with idols
QQLive Live Stream with idols

QQ Live is voted by many member customers and many entertainment units as the top professional and prestigious playground in Asia.

QQ Live playground is reputable and safe

QQ Live is legally licensed to operate in livestreaming and online betting services for customers 18 years of age and older. This rather sensitive entertainment service is certified by the gaming authority with a full legal basis that opens up a safe relaxing and entertaining environment for customers.

The QQ live entertainment address received the support of most participants thanks to the transparency and safety of the playground. Specific and detailed QQ participation regulations for legal and healthy participants comply with international law.

QQlive playground is fair, clear in the activity of paying bonuses, paying cash, paying bonuses or gifts to members. There have never been any cases of complaints about rights being violated when participating in QQ in many years of operation until now.

The app offers interesting multi-platform entertainment

QQ live entertainment with the strength of livestream activities, 24/24 livestream with many famous characters, beautiful hot girls are not limited. Get to know friends, drop your crush or you can make your own mark to become an idol of young people from many attractive live rooms or create your own recording studio.

Make money betting and redemption games at QQ live. The playground converges many solutions for sports betting, football and many other sports, in addition to casino card games, tricks, contingent, advancing, mini games of slag, crabs … and game slots with extremely high bonus rates.

Modern features from the QQ system

QQ Live playground allows interactive livestreams with videos, messages, calls and idol giveaways right at the broadcast. The quality of live video streaming is extremely stable, the game loading speed is extremely fast, and multitasking can be done at QQlive without causing lag or loss of connection.

QQ Live deposits and withdrawals are automatic and modern with many payment channels such as e-wallets, bank links, phone scratch cards. Fast currency transaction processing time, fast, simple and accurate redemption process.

The QQ Live APK IOS system works compatible with many operating systems and many popular devices such as computers or mobile phones. The compact, safe application does not contain malicious code or viruses to help protect the player’s account as well as database safely.


QQ Live professional in customer service

The professionalism of QQ Live is reflected in the methodical customer care process that this address builds. Enthusiastic, dedicated consulting team supports 24/7 all questions and questions of members in a timely and accurate manner.

QQ Live also boldly offers countless attractive promotions for streamers, idols on entertainment channels or members from new players to VIP members of the system. Gifts at QQ are filled with gifts from fans, from the cooperation of investors and other entertainment brands for idols.


QQ Live is an inspiring address for players, coming to QQLive playground, customers’ passion for entertainment will be somewhat satisfied with modern and new features. Quickly join QQ to have yourself a reliable and attractive environment to relax and earn money.

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