TF88 is a newly launched betting brand that makes the strongest impression on gamers. Although a rookie in this field, right since the launch of TF88 has proved to the gaming community how good its quality is. So in today’s article ONBET will send you how to register for TF88 in the most accurate way!

How do I sign up for TF88?

Since the launch of the player until now, this bookmaker has always tried to work hard every day to improve the shortcomings. That’s why this bookmaker is always loved by members. If you want to participate in betting here, you should refer to the following TF88 registration steps .

Step 1: The most important condition to be able to register TF88 is that you need to access this bookmaker. The spoofing of websites on the internet is now happening very often, so to ensure safety, you can click on the link that has been attached under this article!

Step 2: At the main interface of the bookmaker, you will select the “Open account” section to be able to register for TF88. Then there will be a screen that appears so that you can fill in important information.

Step 3: These information players must fill in correctly, namely the account name, password is the 2 most important things, then confirm the password, email and the owner’s phone number. Finally, there’s your friend’s confirmation code and referral code. If there is no referral code, you can skip this section.

Step 4: Once you are sure that the data entry process is correct, you will select “Register Now” to complete. The bookmaker’s system will take a few seconds to notify when the player has successfully registered TF88. With this account, you can log in and bet at the bookmaker right now.

TF88 registration interface

Post-registration promotions

Just spend a little time following the above TF88 registration steps and you have an account to bet here. At the present time, you will be able to receive a lot of attractive gifts when registering to become a member at TF88 bookmaker. If you want to know what they are, please find out right away!

Welcome promotion

This is a program exclusively for new players who successfully register for TF88. With this offer on the first deposit, you will receive 100% of the deposit value. That is, the player loads 1 and gets 2. Specifically, players only need to spend a minimum amount of 200,000, you will receive an amount corresponding to the amount deposited into the house. This is an attractive promotion that no gamer can ignore.

Promotion when loading scratch cards

In addition to the above program, the bookmaker also has another offer for players who have just registered for TF88 that promotion to load scratch cards. With this program, you will receive up to 200% of the recharge card value. Of course, only if you deposit a minimum of 50,000 VND and the maximum number received will be 200,000 VND. With this program, players need to go through 18 rounds of betting to be able to withdraw money.

Bonus money for depositing games

In certain disciplines, there will be separate promotions for new players who register for TF88. You will get 150% when you top up at slot games or 200% for sports betting and 100% for casino games. This is indeed an extremely great remuneration for gamers here.

External links

So we have just introduced to you the steps to register for TF88 and promotions here. To be able to register and participate in the promotion, please visit and follow the steps that have been instructed!

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