Disrupting the current online betting entertainment market is the bookmaker Onbet with dozens of extremely attractive and attractive games. One of them is Onbet – the trump card of this playground. To understand the advantages as well as how to play Online Slag at Onbet Bookmaker, follow the following article. 

A brief introduction to the online Sic game

Online talent is also known by other names such as sicbo or dice. This is one of the online games originating from China. In recent years, online talent has become more popular. At Asian casino floors, this game is very popular because it is easy to play and quick to win.

Simply put, each such bet will have 3 dice in a box. Before the Onbet bookmaker starts shaking the box, players choose the door to place bets. The result of that bet will be based on the total number of 3-sided dots on the dice. Specific regulations on the score of online assets are as follows:

  • From 4-10 points is the Under door.
  • From 11 to 17 is Tai door.

At the end of the aforementioned bet, if you win, the screen will light up.


Are the rules of The Onbet Sic Game difficult?

Tai – Under game originated in China and was introduced to our country with wide popularity. This game uses 4 dice – each with 6 corresponding sides. And you will bet the results of the dice after each spin.

Extremely simple based on observation as well as luck. Specifically, it is common to see that the result at each bet will be 4 sides from 4 -10 is Under, from 11- 17 is Tai.

There are 7 types based on the rolling results of 3 dice that you can bet on.

7 attractive betting styles of Onbet slag

In this game, there will be many rules of the game and bets players need to know to have the most effective game plan for themselves.

Stakes – Slag

Perhaps this is the most common and popular type of bet for those who have been experiencing the game of Slag. Simply, the player only has to predict the total of 3 faces of the dice.

– If the sum of 3 sides from 4 to 10 means it is Under. If the 3 sides have a total score of 11-17, it is Tai. If the bet is correct then you win and get the bonus amount equal to your bet. If the bet is wrong, of course the money you bet will go into the bookmaker’s pocket.

– Special case: 3 dice with the same value, now you will lose whether you bet Tai or Under.

Homogenous duo bets

In this bet, you will specifically predict that the dice duo will have the same back-to-back results. The acquirer has the discretion to bet on any duo and receives a bonus ratio of 1:11 compared to the amount spent.

Special case: if all three dice have the same result then you are the loser of the bet. You will lose all your bets on this Onbet Slag game.

Homotopy triad bets

This bet, gamers will predict the sum of three cool xs of the same value. If the result is a homogeneous trio then you will win with a bonus ratio of 1 to 30.

Special case: if you give the value of a specific homogeneous triad, you get a bonus ratio of up to 1:180. This is probably the type of bet that offers the highest bonus rate among the types of Sic games. In turn, it is very difficult to judge the dice, so the win rate is very low.

Total door bets

Players will make predictions for the total score of three dice, ranging from 4 to 17. The payout rate of Onbet Slag for this form of bet is not fixed. It depends on the probability of the outcome of the game to have different odds.


Pair door bets

This type of bet, the player will predict the value of the two numbers that will appear on the Sic card they are playing. If you are lucky enough to win, you will receive a payout ratio of 1 to 6.

Lottery bets

After shaking the dice, you just need to predict a specific value that appears in the results. And the payout rate for this Sic bet will not be fixed, based on the number of occurrences of that number to determine the amount of winnings.

– If that number appears on 1 dice, the player will receive a bonus equal to the amount wagered.

– If that number appears in 2 dice, the payout ratio you receive will be 1:2.

– If you are lucky that number appears in all 3 dice, the player will receive a bonus amount 3 times the amount of the bet.

Great advantages when experiencing Onbet Bookmaker’s Slag

It is not difficult to see the huge number of members at Tai Sic Onbet. Because, in all aspects, this bookmaker has outstanding advantages over other betting platforms.

Extremely quality Slag betting space

Simple design, sophisticated interface, vivid sound, high sharpness images are what players comment on when they first come to Onbet Slag. Not to mention, Onbet Sic also has its own image processing team, giving players an extremely new experience in each bet. The system updates images and information every day, every hour to help you have unprecedented moments of entertainment and fun.

The security of the system is extremely solid

Currently, Onbet is the No. 1 reputable betting playground in Asia. Therefore, the bookmaker has invested in a multi-layer security system. For members who bet on Unders, Onbet will be 100% committed to account information.

 Play Onbet Slag on many applications

Onbet is also constantly improving, supporting Onbet Accounts on many different platforms. Currently, users can experience playing on PC or mobile phones. Each platform will have different advantages.

For mobile phones, Onbet allows users to download the app with extremely fast operation. At that time, you can bet on Onbet at any end just by having an Internet connection. Such cross-platform support saves players a lot of time.

Online customer care system 24.7

For new players, there will usually be a few difficulties when starting out. Such as how to choose the most suitable betting door? What is the minimum bet on slag?… Don’t worry too much, all will be supported by customer service 24/07.

Currently, Onbet has many different channels such as Facebook, Online Chat, Telegram … to advise customers. All information on how to play, deposit – withdraw money is given the most specific instructions.


Fast payout speed

In addition to safe transactions, the speed of payment of Onbet Slag is extremely fast. Therefore, this betting hall always wins the hearts of a large number of players. After the player wins, they can immediately make bonus withdrawals to the account. The entire reward process is optimized by the bookmaker. Therefore, it only takes players 1 to 3 minutes to complete transactions.

How to join Sic Financing at Onbet Bookmaker

The first thing to participate in the Onbet Slag experience is that you must have an Onbet account at this bookmaker. Onbet is Asia’s leading online betting platform with a simple registration method. If necessary, you can contact customer care for assistance in registering for membership. After that, you go to the Onbet.bet bookmaker link and click on the LOGIN section, fill in your account to come to the Onbet Slag Game interface.

On the computer or phone interface, players click on the game Tai Sic. Then you proceed to choose the lobby to participate in the Sic play of that hall. Go ahead and just bet on the type of bet you want and wait and see the results!

Tips for playing Onbet Slag for real money are easier than ever

With the experience of playing Onbet Slag from the experts below will help you get a high chance of winning:

According to The Onbet Bridge

A good player has a very unique strategy that is to follow the bridge. There are 2 ways to follow the bridge: steel folding and flat bridge.

According to the steel folding bridge

Players will be loyal to a start-to-end way of hitting the right Tai or Sic door. If the first game is lost, don’t be discouraged. Players double their bets on the next game and continue to choose that betting door. Just keep going like that until you win.

For example, the first game of 100k bets loses, game 2 increases to 200k and still loses, then game 3 increases to 400k. If the result remains the same, game 4 bets 800k. Similarly, you will increase the amount of your bet even if you lose. Because if the board explodes, you will eat enough again. When you win, remember to go back to betting 100k!

By bridge

According to this bridge, when Tai or Sic will continuously play 3 or more games. To fight this type, it is necessary to spend time watching and remembering the history of the game. If you see that there is a player who is 5 times, then 1 -2 games of Tai, then boldly follow the next Game of Fortune. The odds of winning will be extremely high.

Break the bridge to play Tai Sic Onbet online

With the way of playing bridge breaking, players need to be patient, observe, remember the previous games. When placing 2-3 games continuously without being able to achieve a winning result, you should break the bet. This means suspending the bet because it is unlikely that the next result will be won.

Instead, look at and reanalyze the previous games. If you appear under up to 5 times, you can strongly bet Tai on the next game.

Use the Sic tool

In the online game Onbet there are tools for players to predict the outcome of the next game. If you are new, you can rely on this support to make a choice in each bet. The rate from the Onbet Sic Tool gives players up to 70-80%! So you completely rely on analytics and predictions to bet.

Sic Online is definitely not just a game that brings entertainment after stressful working hours, dispelling the fatigue of life. Onbet also offers the opportunity to fill pockets, even change lives for experienced bettors. Wish you will have a lot of luck with this game of reputable bookmaker Onbet.

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