Sicbo Onbet is one of the most popular games at Live Casino casino. Bringing a variety of experiences to participants. In which Sicbo here emerges as a bright star, a playground full of novelty, vibrant and interesting. Become the top destination for a lot of players. Onbet promises to bring the best experience for those who are passionate about online redemption games. 

Overview of Sicbo Onbet game lobby

Is a familiar game to most brothers who love the gambling game series for money. Sicbo Onbet with unique gameplay, like a new, vibrant and attractive breeze. Quickly become the first choice of a large number of players when there is a need for entertainment.

The origin of the game Sicbo Onbet

Sicbo, also known by its familiar name, is a sicbo of Chinese origin. This is one of the popular folk games in this country.

After some time, Sicbo appeared in areas where Chinese labor migration, began to spread and be loved all over the world. Gradually evolved and there were significant changes.

Up to now, Sicbo has been on the top of the most popular redemption products in the online entertainment market. And there is a presence at almost all casinos around the world.

What is Sicbo Onbet?

Simply put, Sicbo is one of the games in the Onbet bookmaker redemption series.

To play a game of Sicbo Onbet will use three dice (dice). The disturbance will then be carried out by shaking well.

Accordingly, the player will predict the score of the dice after opening. If the prediction wins, the person wins and collects the bet. If you lose, of course, you lose money.

Although highly risky, the odds of eating money are also extremely attractive, so sicbo Onbet quickly attracts a large number of players.

How to play Sicbo Onbet in the most detail for newbies

To confidently participate in betting as well as win prizes from the bookmaker, knowing how to play is a must. Therefore, in the section below, we will show you how to play Sicbo Onbet in the most detail. You read and find out.

With this game, the dealer will use 3 dice, on each of which there are small dots, the value is from 1 to 6 dots. And proceed to shake the dice, forming a random combination, the Player will proceed to predict the outcome of the dice.

In the past, betting in Sicbo was quite limited. However, up to now, players have more options at the Sicbo Onbet entertainment channel, with the opportunity to receive attractive bets. Discover these exciting bets right away:

Stakes – Slag

The most popular type of bet in Sicbo, and of course in the bookmaker Onbet it also appears. Accordingly, Sicbo Onbet players will predict the total value of 3 dice.

  • Underage (small): The sic door means that the player predicts the sum of 3 sic balls returned from 4 to 10.
  • Tai (large): Gamers predict the total value of 3 dice to fall between 11 and 17.

Betting online at Onbet bookmaker, players will receive a payout of 1:1. This means that if you win, you will receive the same amount of the bonus as the original bet.

However in the case of three tablets return the same result. Then whether you bet or lose, you lose.

Button bets

That is, the player will choose one of three buttons. The payout rate of this type of bet is not fixed, but will depend on the number of turns in the game that appears.

  • Single Button: One of the three dice coincides with the selected value. If you win, you will be rewarded with the amount you have wagered.
  • Double Button: Two of the three dice return the selected value. The payout ratio is 1:12.
  • Button Three: Three dice whose value coincides with the selected number. Those who choose the right number to appear on three dice will be rewarded with a 1:13 incentive ratio.

Homogeneous duo bets

With a homogeneous duo bet, players will anticipate the duo appearing in two of the three dice. Brothers can choose any duo according to calculations.

Sicbo Onbet bonus ratio is 1:8 of the capital spent. In case three tablets get the same result, you lose, and lose the bet.

Homogeneous triad bets

The player predicts that the result of 3 dice will be equally valid. If you bet any triple, the odds will be 1:24.

If you correctly predict the value of the Sicbo Onbet triad, then you will receive 150 times the value of the original bet.

This is the type of bet with the most attractive payout of Sicbo Onbet’s ways of playing. Therefore, although the probability of returning to the shore is very difficult, many brothers still want to try their luck.

Total door bets

With this form of betting, Sicbo Onbet gamers will proceed to predict the total score of three dice. The payout rate of the total door is not fixed. Depending on the probability of winning, the bookmaker has given a variety of payouts. Concrete:

  • The total score is 4 or 17, the payout ratio is 1: 50.
  • If the total score is 5 or 16, the odds are 1:118.
  • The total score is 6 or 15, the payout ratio is 1:114
  • The total score is 7 or 14, the payout ratio is 1:112
  • The total score is 8 or 13, the payout ratio is 1:18.
  • The total score is 9, 10, 11 or 13, the payout ratio is 1:16.

Some special cases at Sicbo Onbet playground

In order to ensure fairness for all members participating in Sicbo Onbet, and at the same time avoid the risk of fraud from the system, the bookmaker has specially set some regulations. This rule will appear throughout the game, so gamers must remember it.

  • After pouring out any dice lying on its side, the game counts as a fault and has to be shoveled from the beginning.
  • If any dice bounce less than 3 times, that game also counts as an error and needs to be rinsed.
  • Sicbo Onbet players have unstable network connections, are out halfway, if bets are made, the system still counts and will save that game in history.

Revealing some of the easiest Sicbo Onbet experience to win, making huge profits

Even if it is a “famous” red and black game, it depends a lot on the luck of the player. But long-time players always have a way to increase their winning rate reasonably.

Instead of just playing to accumulate, pick up every bit of skill and experience. You can refer to some undefeated playing experience from the following experts, to increase your chances of making a profit from the beginning.

Choose a crowded betting table

The first effective gaming experience at the Sicbo Onbet gaming lobby is to choose a multi-player betting table. According to the perennial banyan tree, the betting table with many players will have a stable speed and rules. Players can easily find those rules and win.

Moreover, when participating in a crowded betting table, it will be easier for you to catch up. Because there are many other players discussing the rules through the “Chat” box, thereby providing you with useful information. Take that as the basis for making decisions, choosing more accurately.

Proper distribution of finances

Adjusting your finances properly is one of the tips for playing Sicbo Onbet. Which any gamer needs to know, if not empty-handed.

Have a plan to use the capital you have effectively, if you lose, you can afford it, to avoid getting into debt.

In case the funding is limited, you should only consider betting on the small Sicbo Onbet door. Conversely, big finances then you can join the bigger doors. However, regardless of the door bet, you must have a reasonable playing strategy before starting to make money.

In particular, do not “all hands” when entangled in black wire, because it is easy to lose, and fall into a penniless situation.

Hitting the bridge

The next effective Sicbo Onbet tip we want to introduce to you is to hit the fastball.

First you’ll find out what you’re used to. When you are sure that the demand is coming, quickly fight quickly to get the maximum profit.

Change different betting doors

Many new players often only bet on the Tai – Under door because this is the most popular and safest type of play. However, Sicbo Onbet experts said that Tai and Sic doors will have a 50-50 chance of winning.

If you only choose these two doors, the odds of winning will not be much for you. Especially when you have fallen into the black wire, the amount of money you lose will be a lot.

Therefore, instead of just choosing 2-door bets Tai and Under, you can flexibly change your playing strategy to choose the participating side doors. At this point, the chances of winning will definitely increase significantly.

Hit by the winner continuously

An extremely effective Sicbo Onbet tip for new members. Accordingly, when participating in the game table, you will observe which gamers win the most to bet according to them.

Whether that player is following the red line or has effective playing tactics, the fact that they win is indisputable. Hitting along will definitely have a higher chance of winning in your later games.

FAQ – Some frequently asked questions when playing Sicbo Onbet

Surely every player who has just entered the Sicbo Onbet playground also has many questions. Here is a roundup of some of the most frequently asked questions of gamers. You follow to have the best overview of this fascinating and interesting world.

Did Sicbo Onbet cheat the results?

As one of the new playgrounds, many new players must have entered the redemption game village. One wonders if this playing field interferes with Sicbo Onbet results?

The answer is NO. Since the bookmaker is managed by one of the leading supervisory organizations, there is certainly no interference with the betting results.

Moreover, in order to be where it is today, Onbet had to go through a challenging and challenging branding process. There is no reason why the bookmaker should take it upon himself to do so.

On the contrary, Onbet also applies the most modern technologies and software to quickly detect fraud. To create an extremely fair, safe and healthy environment for its members.

Is it possible to join Sicbo Onbet from a mobile phone?

Not only participating in betting on the web, but customers at Sicbo Onbet can completely download the app to their phones and participate in betting anytime, anywhere.

In order to bring the most convenience to its members, currently, the mobile version of Onbet is available on both Android and iOS operating systems. Moreover, the software development team also tries to reduce the minimum capacity. So that all types of machines, even those with low configurations, can load and play smoothly.

Can winning games at Onbet withdraw money to the bank?

Sicbo Onbet players who win can completely withdraw real money to a bank account. In addition, the bookmaker also optimizes the trading process, it only takes you 1 to 3 minutes to receive your rewards.

Not only that, in addition to withdrawing money to the bank, this entertainment channel also has many methods to receive rewards for you to choose from: phone scratch card, withdraw money via Zalo Pay wallet, Momo, …

Final Thoughts

In the above article, we have introduced all the information about the game Sicbo Onbet. Along with that are some effective playing tips when participating in this game. Hopefully, the above sharing will be useful to you, helping you bring many great rewards for yourself.

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