Scratch is a popular form of entertainment in folk games in Vietnam. However, not everyone knows well and in detail how to play online Scratch Card games at the bookmaker today. In the article below, let’s find out the latest details about Scratch Cards and learn how to play through specific tutorials. 

About scratch card games

Online scratch cards are actually a popular 3-tree card game in the North, often present at online casinos. However, the gameplay has been slightly changed when returning to Vietnam, with a few more rules created.


According to research, we learned that The Scratch Card uses a standard Western deck of 52 cards. Whoever has the most points, that person will win receives a =bonus from the dealer and eats more bets from the opponent. In general, The Scratch Card game is easy to play, not too complicated. A hand takes place quickly, but the result also depends a little on the luck and bad luck of each person.

Scratch Card Game needs from 2 to 6 people for a game, as long as each person is dealt 3 cards. One of them will take over as a bookmaker. In the case of playing at online platforms, 1 table will consist of 3 players and the house.

How to calculate the score of The Rake

If some players do not know how to calculate the score of The Scratch, please refer to the information below.

  • Card A (Ace) is calculated as 1 point in the Rake.
  • The value of cards 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 is kept the same as the number on the card, the main point is the number on the card.
  • J, Q, K are calculated at the same value of 10 points.
  • All cards dealt only count the value of points, not the value of homogeneous or other substances.
  • The total score of Bai Scratch is calculated in units. No matter how high the total value is, then only take the highest unit of 9. That’s also why this type of play is also known as the 9-button Scratch Card.
  • When considering winning and losing in the scratch card game, as long as someone sets up the J-Q-K set, you can win immediately without caring about the quality of the cards.
  • In addition, there is the calculation of Wax – a combination of 3 cards with the same value is formed. The Wax Set A (Ace) will be the highest, the rest by the value on the card.
  • The Lien set is calculated like the Wax set but not the same value, which is a collection of 3 consecutive cards that are congruous.


Some experiences that make playing Scratch cards easy to win

To easily win, in addition to understanding the rules of the game, you need to have some pocket blood experience. This makes it easy to master the game and not fall into the worst situation.

Keep a good, comfortable mentality

Whether you win or lose, staying mentally and stable is essential. You shouldn’t be overjoyed, nor should you be too upset. It takes time to be stable psychologically, have 1 cool head to analyze and judge the game rationally.

Players must control all developments of the Scratch Card game. When you feel that the mood is not stable and the chain of bad luck is constantly following, you should rest a few meals, when the mood is happy again, play.

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Know the rules of scratch card games

Each different bookmaker will have its own specific rules and how to pay rewards. Therefore, in order to easily win and win prizes from bookmakers, you must know each calculation of each playground to give a reasonable bet and avoid confusion.

In addition, bettors need to meticulously observe the people at the table performing the operations and carefully read the rules in the instructions. This will help you limit breaking the rules and avoid the risk of being disenfranchised.

Stable source of capital

The Scratch Card Game is played very quickly, ending a game only takes 1-1 minutes. Therefore, when you start participating, you should prepare an abundant and stable source of capital, do not use borrowed capital to bet. The money used to play must be separated from all other sources of spending so that your life is not turned upside down. In every game should limit yourself, if you are black, stop not trying and then receive the bitter fruit in return.

Prioritize low bets in scratch games


Choosing a low bet will help you preserve your capital well and not empty your pockets. Even the most experienced they always bet at a minimum. However, you must also know how to seize the opportunity if you find your lesson beautiful and large, then increase your money to eat a large fruit. This sometimes distracts the opponent and leads to giving up.

Final Thoughts

Above the reputable bookmaker onbet has provided all the most detailed and methodical information about the Scratch Card game. Hopefully, the article helps you gain more knowledge and pocket experience to conquer every Scratch Card betting arena more easily. Wish all bettors a lot of success when participating in onbet’s card game lobby – where the best games converge.

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