The simple, detailed NEW88 withdrawal guide step by step is something that many people are interested in. This is really not difficult at all if you are used to it. However, for many brothers who are not proficient in manipulation, there will be a lot of problems. Therefore, today, ONBET will show you how to withdraw NEW88 in a simple way, all in just one minute to complete.

Methods to know in the NEW88 withdrawal guide

Many people do not know that when withdrawing money to the account there are also different methods. Therefore, the NEW88 withdrawal guide will show you specifically. Because now, all bookmakers have optimized the user experience. There are some fast account withdrawal methods that everyone should know such as:

  • Internet Banking (Electronic Banking): Surely this method many people are no stranger to anymore. Because now this method is very popular in buying and selling everyday goods. If anyone links directly from the time of registering an account, just press 1 operation and the money is automatically refunded.
  • E-wallets: E-wallets will also be the same form as e-banking. The operations are also simple, easy, very handy when the bank has problems.
  • Scratch cards: Currently scratch cards are probably the most restrictive method. Because currently, buying scratch cards can also be purchased directly through e-wallets. However, it is still valid at bookmaker NEW88 when withdrawing money to the account.
Methods to know when withdrawing NEW88

The NEW88 withdrawal guide takes just a minute

The NEW88 withdrawal guide takes just a minute and sounds incredibly incredible. Because other bookmakers will usually take 10-15 minutes or even longer. Please trust to follow these steps. Money to a comfortable account to spend only takes a minute and one clock:

  • Step 1: Surely everyone must log in to the playing account at NEW88. If you can’t remember your login password, you must contact support. Create yourself an account that is easy to remember, avoid trouble later.
  • Step 2: Withdraw all funds from sub-accounts to the main account. See which games you have participated in, withdraw to get more.
  • Step 3: Please read the conditions and regulations below and then perform this step. Because if you do not meet the conditions and regulations of withdrawing NEW88, you will definitely not be successful.
  • Step 4: Choose the “withdrawal” order, choose the method that is most convenient for yourself. Enter the information related to STK, password (enter must be really accurate). Then click “Confirm withdrawal” and the money will return to your account immediately.

Note: If you have not seen the money for too long, please contact the hotline urgently. Except in cases where the bank is unable to receive the money.

The NEW88 withdrawal guide takes just a minute

Conditions to know if you want to withdraw NEW88

Bookmaker NEW88 is known as one of the simplest, fastest places to withdraw money. However, this NEW88 withdrawal guide will cover the conditions. Because not everyone can directly withdraw money to the account. Do not read carefully the conditions that lead to unsuccessful withdrawal.

  • Each withdrawal must be worth over VND 100,000 and not more than VND 10 billion. Moreover, one day will also be withdrawn up to 10 times, the next day will be withdrawn.
  • When participating in super bargain promotions at the bookmaker, participate in at least one betting round. Thus, the server will determine that there is no fraud and the promotion is considered valid.
  • The previous bank account must ensure that the information matches. Otherwise, it will have to go through a very complicated verification process.
  • Note that the wallet of each game and the main wallet will be separate, withdraw to the main wallet for more.
Conditions to know if you want to withdraw money

Regulations to follow when withdrawing NEW88

In addition to the above conditions, when withdrawing money at NEW88, there will also be regulations. All aim to ensure safety, fairness and transparency for all participants.

  • When participating in a withdrawal, if you enter the wrong password more than 3 times, you will have to contact the system department. Here, the player must present evidence proving that the account is the owner.
  • If detecting wrongdoing or fraud, the house is entitled to close the account. If players have questions or complaints, they should immediately contact support.
  • Enter the recipient’s correct, correct account information. If entered incorrectly, do not receive money or transfer it by mistake to another person. Participants in betting will be responsible for themselves, the bookmaker does not intervene to settle.

Final Thoughts

The detailed NEW88 withdrawal instructions are as above, anyone can follow. For those who are participating in the game for the first time, they should also learn this step right away. Deposits and withdrawals are simple steps but require high accuracy. Just do it a few times, everyone can master the operation, right?

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