Onbet is rated as one of the most prestigious, safe and high-quality international redemption games today. Thanks to the massive and novel game store along with outstanding features, it has gained the trust of a large number of gamers around the world. If you are considering whether to choose this game or not, let’s find out through the article below to make a reasonable choice. 

Onbet game at a glance

Onbet is the predecessor name of fabet, this is the first name chosen before the current name Onbet. Started entering the Vietnamese market in 2012 and became a hot name at that time.

This international redemption game of top quality at its peak successfully achieved a lot of records in the market. Right from its launch, this game has attracted a large number of players to remember their design ability.

When coming here, players will admire unique designs, extremely quality and unlike other games. The graphics here have the main strength of running smoothly on all devices, harmonious colors, very eye-catching overall look and especially exclusive style.

Huge game store full of attractions at Onbet

To successfully become a famous name and a heroic name in the redemption game market. Largely thanks to the fact that Onbet has owned a huge and attractive game treasure. When it comes to the number of titles, it can be said that no game surpasses Onbet.

Dial-up game titles

Online bingo games are almost suitable for all audiences, even busy people can still experience this game. Therefore, this is always a redemption game genre that receives a lot of love from players.

This game owns a variety of popular lottery games in Vietnam. Includes game titles such as: Disc jockey, Crab Gourd, Sicbo, Tai Sic, Keno, Lottery, Sports, Ocean Billionaire,…

Slots Games

The slot games in this game are developed in many different interfaces. From there, it helps players feel excited, not bored when experiencing playing the game here. The most popular game titles include: God of Fortune, Eat the Golden Contract, Journey to the West, Thanh Xà White Serpent,…

Game title Gourd Crab

When participating in the Game of Crabs, players will automatically be added to the game room along with other players. Then they will chat and participate in betting with each other. Most entertainment games today have a chat feature.

Thanks to that, players, in addition to participating in the game for entertainment, can also get acquainted and make many new friends. Besides, players when chatting can also learn and exchange experiences playing this game with each other.

Interesting card game titles

Currently, most online card games have the same playing method and characteristics as traditional card games. Card games at Onbet games are the same with the aim of making it easier for players to experience game play. This bookmaker is full of famous card game titles such as:

  • Roulette: The gameplay is quite simple but not easy to eat due to the high chance of this game. Therefore, participants must have a solid mentality, master the tricks and always be wise when playing.
  • Baccarat: This is a very popular game on Casino casinos. Baccarat is played at the same table as Blackjack, Roulette.
  • This is a card game that uses a 52-card western deck. Also a popular game in Vietnam, with simple gameplay but equally attractive and attractive to players.
  • Going South: It is a familiar card game and this is always the most popular card game today. Thanks to the simple gameplay and suitable for all ages, it is very popular.
  • However, now thanks to the relatively simple and convenient online gameplay, almost everyone can participate in this game very easily.

Instructions on how to download the Onbet app on devices

This is a classy game and very familiar to every gamer in the redemption betting market today. This game has integrated the system on all platforms to serve everyone who is using a device running IOS or Android.

Get games on PC

To provide convenience for every gamer to experience playing the game anytime, anywhere. Therefore, the publisher of this game has allowed players to download the game in two methods.

In addition, you will also enjoy the official website version with perfect quality. Or you can also download it as Apk for pc to make the process of participating in betting more interesting and attractive.

Download games on iOS

In addition to experiencing directly through the official link of the game, players can also download the Onbet app via IOS. Specifically, to download the game to your computer you need to visit this game homepage to scan the QR code.

Download games on Android OS

Similar to IOS, Android users can download the game by checking the QR code right on the homepage. This not only helps to bring convenience in the whole implementation process but also helps to ensure the safety of your equipment.

Instructions on how to register an account

Perhaps people are very eager to participate in playing the games at this game. However, before participating, any player needs to register an account at the game. The following are all the steps for players to register an account on all devices, refer to the article Onbet redemption card game playing guide for more instructions at the game.

How to register an account on a PC

To register a gaming account on a PC, players can follow these steps:

  • Step 1: From the computer screen, people can access any browser in browsers such as Cốc Cốc, Edge, Google,… Then search for the correct and safe link of the game on the Onbet homepage.
  • Step 2: everyone will see the “Register” command in the top right corner at the game’s homepage. Just click and fill in the information that the system requires in the most complete and accurate way.
  • Step 3: After completing the requested information, the player clicks on the “Register” box. Then wait for the game to complete all remaining procedures.

In addition, players can register an account through Facebook to save time. Just one tap and check, confirm the information, everyone has an account to use to play the game.

Register an account on your IOS phone

In addition to playing computer games, people can also experience anytime, anywhere with their phones. The publisher has integrated the Onbet application on both operating systems, IOS and Android. Just follow these simple steps and you can register an account for yourself:

  • Step 1: From the screen of the phone, players select the icon of the Onbet app downloaded earlier and select the “Register” command.
  • Step 2: Fill in the required information on the screen.
  • Step 3: Click on the register button and wait for the game to complete the remaining steps.

Register on the Android OS

Similar to IOS, registering a game account on Android OS also includes the following steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the previously loaded game app and tap on the “Register” command.
  • Step 2: Fill in the information required by the system such as the above devices.
  • Step 3: Select the registration and wait for the game to process the remaining procedures.

Special features at Onbet help attract players

It is no coincidence that the successful Onbet game attracts a large number of players. This game itself possesses some special features, so it makes a good impression on players who visit. From there, it helps to retain people and gradually create a foothold for themselves.

Beautiful and attractive interface design

When coming to this game, players will experience the most unique and modern game interface in the field of online redemption games. As a bookmaker who always focuses on the interests of customers, the publisher is quite invested in graphic design and interface development.

Safety security system

This game applies a high-tech information security system, so all customer information is encrypted immediately after being provided. This information is only used to verify payment transactions or support customers.

Huge redemption rate

Of today’s redemption games, this is the highest rated game in terms of redemption rates in games. Especially slot games, redemption card games and attractive bingo games.

All payment transactions here are made directly through e-wallets, phone scratch cards or banks, not through an intermediary. Besides, all methods of exchanging for cash are done through a reputable, open and transparent game system.

Many attractive programs

This bookmaker has spent quite heavily on events and promotions, especially programs for new members. Provide extremely attractive gifts, up to 100% of the value of the recharge card.

Upon successful registration of a game account, players will receive a giftcode of 50,000 VND and an additional 2,000 coins for account verification. This giftcode program aims to welcome new members to the game portal. At the same time, it is also a small gift that the publisher wants to give to players.


Thus, the above article has provided all the information about Onbet’s game treasure as well as the special features of this game. It can be seen that this game always satisfies all players thanks to providing players with a great relaxing space. Wish everyone who visits this game will have a great experience.

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