Onbet bookmaker always makes players satisfied from betting games to services and convenient experiences. Not only that, players at Onbet always love and update the outstanding promotions at the bookmaker, with the aim of having more time as well as the opportunity to participate in betting.

Currently Onbet is holding a few promotions that give away free bets to players. This means that members who participate in betting at the bookmaker that offers free bets on Onbet can choose and receive these offers. Follow each promotion in detail below!

Onbet agents give away 88k for free when registering a new account

  • Promotion period: from 01/09/2022 until the announcement ends.
  • Members who register an account via the Onbet link at Onbet.com will receive a promotion of 68k free bets.
  • After a member successfully registers, Onbet staff will actively contact them to verify their accounts and personal information. Or members can contact customer care to activate the bonus.
  • Each member can only register one account and receive a 68k promotion once. The bookmaker will revoke the bonus and lock the betting account if fraud is detected.
  • The bonus amount needs to go through 05 betting rounds with the player being able to withdraw to the player’s personal account
  • The promotion bonus of this program is applicable in conjunction with other promotions.
  • In addition, upon successful account verification, the bookmaker will give an additional 90k free bets.

Get 50k when betting and depositing through the Onbet app

  • Terms & Conditions
  • Promotion starts from 12/12/2022 until 23:59:59 on 19/01/2023 (GMT+8)
  • Applicable to official members of Onbet, register the betting currency is VND and have been participating for 03 weeks at Onbet since the offer started.
  • The promotion applies to the first 888 members, provided that during the promotion period, players must strictly comply with the following requirements:
Condition Bonus Now
Members need to make at least one deposit through the Onbet 1in5 App or Onbet LITE Get 50 VND Free Stake
Members need a total successful deposit of VND 500 during the week
Members need to have a minimum of 3 valid betting days/week through the App (no need to be continuous)
  • Note: Members register exactly the following information: Full name, Email, Phone number and meet 3 conditions to be able to receive the bonus.

Players must log in to the Onbet homepage, at the promotions section select “Redeem promotion” and confirm before 23:59:59 on the current Sunday.

  • Onbet will automatically update the bonus to the player’s betting account at the bookmaker.
  • The bonus will be awarded 01 time per week to eligible members of the promotion week.
  • Before the player withdraws the bonus to the bank account, the bonus must go through 01 round of betting.
  • Winning members will be notified by Onbet and receive rewards within 03 days when each promotion week ends.
  • Each member can only receive preferential money once during the promotion process.
  • To be counted 1 day of valid bets for the promotion, members must have at least 1 valid bet per day.
  • This promotion is applicable in conjunction with other offers available at Onbet bookmakers. However, the revenue will be accumulated, members must complete the requirements of the bookmaker if they want to withdraw the bonus to their pockets.
  • Onbet bookmaker reserves the right to stop the promotion, or refuse to reward any member if that member violates the promotion rules, the bookmaker reserves the right not to notify the time in advance or
  • General Onbet Promotion Rules apply.

50k bonus for first deposit at Onbet

  • The promotion period is from 00:00:00 (GMT+8) on 01/12/2022 to 23:59:59(GMT+8) on 30/01/2023, for members registering in VND currency.
  • This promotion applies to new members, registering an account on the Onbet mobile or application during the promotion period.
  • Members who want to receive bonuses need to comply with the regulations during the promotion period:
Conditions for receiving the bonus Deposit amount/ 01 transaction Bonus Now
NEW members and have their first mobile deposit 200 VND or more 50 VND
  • Members must fill in accurate information such as: Full name, mobile number, phone number.
  • The bonus needs to go through 03 rounds of betting, members can withdraw to their pockets.
  • Onbet bookmaker automatically updates bonuses to Onbet’s betting account within 24 hours, from the moment the first deposit is successful.
  • Each member is only allowed to participate in the promotion once in the promotion.
  • This program can be applied in conjunction with other offers at Onbet. If a member has a re-wagering requirement for the receipt of the bonus, Onbet will have a deduction from the total bet amount.
  • Onbet bookmaker reserves the right to stop the promotion at any time, refuse to award or deduct the bonus if the member takes action in accordance with the preferential rules.
  • General Onbet Promotion Rules apply.

Onbet member’s birthday gives 12,688 VND free

  • This promotion applies to Members who register in USD, RMB, VND, IDR, MYR, THB and KRW currencies.
  • The promotion is only applicable to Gold VIP Members, Platinum VIPs and Diamond VIPs.
  • Each member needs to make at least 01 successful deposit transaction, the activity takes place during the birthday month. At the same time, that member needs to contact the customer care department to register the balance in the main account.
Ranks Birthday Bonus Highest bonus Number of re-bets
VIP Gold 28% 2,000 VND 5 Rounds
VIP Platinum 68% 6,300 VND 5 Rounds
VIP Diamond 88% 12,688 VND 5 Rounds
  • Members receive rewards when clicking on the “join now” box of the promotion.
  • Each member can only receive a bonus 01 time in the birthday month.
  • After the member completes the betting rounds required by the program, Onbet will issue all refunds to the member.
  • Note that if members participate in the following games, they will not count towards the total bet revenue at A – Sports: Racing, Live Casino, Arcadia Gaming, Happy 5, Virtual Sports, Saba.Club, Minigame, RNG Keno / Lottery, Virtual Games.
  • All cancelled bets, draw bets, void bets, 2-sided bets and Dec bets below 1.5 (the same for other types of bets such as Malay odds below 0.5; HK odds below 0.50; Indo odds below -2.00 and US odds below -200) will not count towards the total rebet. Also the slot games below do not count towards the total rebet – Go here
  • Onbet bookmaker reserves the right to stop the promotion at any time.
  • The General Rules of the W VIP CLUB Promotion apply.


Thus, if players have or intend to participate in betting at Onbet bookmakers, players should not forget to skip the recent promotions. These offers are extremely attractive, enabling players to participate in many games and have other interesting experiences. Have fun!

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