Onbet card game is one of the most popular entertainment services at this bookmaker. Not only a variety of onbet card games, the payout rate is also extremely attractive. Therefore, the number of registered members at Onbet is getting bigger and bigger. Refer to the article below to not miss any information about the onbet card game!

Summary of card games available at onbet bookmaker

Attractive onbet card games are the great strength of the onbet bookmaker. These betting products are currently receiving the love of a large number of Members when it comes to impressing this playground.


Mau Binh is an onbet card game that many brothers love because of the wisdom of the game. To be able to become a winner, players need logical thinking, observation and card arrangement. Because of this difficulty, it attracts players to choose this game.

The rules of the Mau Binh card game

Mau Binh onbet card game will usually have 2-4 players. Each person will be divided into 13 pieces and arranged into 3 different branches. In this game, whoever the boss spends first stronger than the back limb and links together, the probability of winning is high.

The time per game is 90 seconds to stack. If you play at a computer, there will be a self-stacking system. The comparison time is 5 seconds per limb. Pay attention to the case of Mau Binh winning white, the most won. Equally strong posts will divide chickens together. Especially playing onbet cards, you need to know how to calculate money:

  • As a winner: you will receive 1 bet from the loser. Winning 2 limbs gets 2 bets, winning 3 limbs gets 3 bets. Just like that you calculate the money received after each game.
  • Be a loser: If you lose, you have to lose money to the winner. In case you lose all 3 limbs, you must pay 3 times more to the winner.
Diverse onbet card games spoiled for choice of favorite games


Lien is a popular card game with a 52-card Western deck that is popular in foreign casinos and online bookmakers. According to the traditional way of playing, this game will consist of 2 to 6 players. As for playing online, the number of players can increase more.

How to play the card game onbet Lien onbet?

Each hand, players will be dealt 3 cards and bet the same amount. After holding the card in hand, players will place additional bets based on the number of points they have. The bookmaker is the one who opens the game and will play counterclockwise. Players are entitled to choose one of the following 3 ways:

– Choose To: if you find your 3 cards beautiful and your chances of winning are high, quickly choose To and bet more money.

– Choose Follow: If the previous player you choose To, and you choose to put more money to continue the game, you are Following.

– Select Oppose: is the opposite of Theo. That is, you choose to withdraw from this game, accepting to lose all the money that you originally bet.

– Choose All Hands: That means betting on everything you have. You should only choose To all hands when you are sure that your hand has a high probability of winning.


– Each round is only played 1 time. If there are no players, the game will end there.

– If you are a To and no one chooses Theo then you are the winner. If there is at least 1 follower, you must lower the card to compare. The one with the higher score in the Onbet will win.

Whirlwind ginseng

Like some other onbet card games, it uses a 52-card western deck. However, in the gameplay, there will be a few more special breakthroughs. For example, players will play cards on rotation. Whoever plays the game first and does not rot will be the winner.

How to play the card game onbet onbet – Ginseng

For the onbet card game, there will be a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 4 people. In the first game

Each person will be randomly dealt 10 cards. For this first, whoever has the smallest card will be hit first. In the following hand, the winner will be the one who plays the first hand. The specific way to play cards is as follows:

– After the first person goes to the card, the next person must block the card with larger cards. The quartet can chop the second one.

– When playing cards without anyone blocking, the round is considered ignored and the player continues to play cards.

– If you leave the second card, you will eventually be considered rotten and fined.


It is the traditional onbet card game of our country. Use a 52-card Western deck and a player base of 2-4. Each game, each person receives 9 cards, only the head player receives 10 cards. The remaining number of cards will be placed in the middle as a venom.

The rules of the game you need to know

After the first person plays the card, the next person will use his 2 cards to hit and form 1 card. In case the player cannot eat that card, dad 1 card at the venom.

Players need to make sure the hand holds 9 cards. Everyone takes turns hitting 1 piece and picking up or will eat one piece. Just like that for the rest of the round. Each person must play like that until someone buzzes and the hand is over. Buzzing is when the person’s 9 cards are not garbage. Playing until the 4th round and still without buzzing people will calculate card points. In that game, whoever has the lowest score is the winner.

Although it is simple to say, when playing, people have to think about how to guess the opponent’s card. This is one of the special features of this game. Requires players to have logical thinking, acumen and psychological stability to guess the opponent’s cards.

So when people need to prepare themselves with judgment skills, comment. And practice these skills carefully so that you can apply them to your hand.


Poker, also known as Poker, a famous game from Hong Kong is the world of online onbet card games today. To win in Poker, players need to have skills, real combat experience and the ability to judge opponents, control the card to get the highest remaining card.

Currently, Online poker attracts more players to try their hand at thrilling surprises and thrills.

Poker Rules:

Onbet poker uses a 52-card deck and each woman will usually have 2-5 players. At the beginning, the system will give each person 1 card and have to face it. Then the system will give the player 1 more card, but this time it is face down (called an eraser card). Next, the system will give each person 3 more cards, a total of 5 cards for one player.

The strength and weakness of the deck will be considered by numbers, if two players have equal numbers, they will be considered in order: Muscle, Rotor, Clove, Bich. The winner will be the one with the highest, strongest deck and eat up the remaining players’ money.

If someone uses the function of Flipping up the entire article, the review will be carried out. That means using the number of cards flipped up to consider the hand for the next hand. If anyone has the strongest eraser deck, they are entitled to deal the first card in the next rounds.

Online onbet card game

Onbet Online card game is one of the most popular betting halls at Onbet bookmaker. Here, players can choose On, V8 Poker, Ky or Leg as they like. In these halls, the games that always attract a large number of players are:

– Go South: Each bet will start with 2-4 participants. Use a deck of 52 Western cards and divide it equally between each person. Each player uses their 13 cards to fight and whoever runs out of cards first wins.

– Landowner duel: This onbet onbet card game uses a deck of 54 cards, including 2 poker cards. Each player will be dealt 17 cards and have 3 cards face down. At that time, the bookmaker will randomly select the first bidder. Eventually, the 3 cards on the table will be publicly identified. At this point, the player will compete for the right to rob the landowner in a counterclockwise circle. Whoever gets the highest 3 points will be the next landowner.

The outstanding advantages of onbet card games

Below, we will highlight the onbet card game that the onbet bookmaker owns so that you can most objectively evaluate this playground.

Prestigious bookmaker of Onbet class

Good security system leading the betting market

Onbet bookmaker is proud to have the leading security system in the betting market. Use good encryption technology, ensuring security as well as player information.

When registering an account at a bookmaker, you need to provide correct, accurate information about identification documents. These information are completely secure, not leaked and not stolen even 3rd parties. So you have complete peace of mind to play onbet card game.

The login to the player’s ID needs to be correct and correct. So if you log in the wrong ID as well as password more than the specified number of times, you need to verify the information again.

Standard image quality

Players when participating in the onbet onbet card game experience will definitely find it extremely attractive with the interface of this playground. The design of the games is simple but still exudes solemnity and sophistication. You will feel like you are relaxing and comfortable at the Casino casinos in real life. In particular, the system also creates beautiful dealers to chat with players, so you never get bored when you are here!

All images in every onbet card game at the onbet house are transmitted in high quality, extremely vivid. No experience has ever judged the game to have lag or poor image quality. All players will receive a fun, perfect experience when coming to these betting products.

Many attractive onbet card game promotions

Currently, at the onbet onbet card game playground, there are many attractive incentives for members. Some promotions that many bettors enjoy such as:

– Cashback promotion for onbet onbet card game up to 188,888,000 VND.

– Reward 30,000 VND for new members.

– Give phone scratch cards on special occasions of the year such as birthdays, holidays, Tet …

Many onbet card game rooms are spoilt for choice

With the business motto of putting the customer experience first, onbet has set up many playroom spaces so that its Members can comfortably participate without having to wait. Game rooms such as: On Game, V8 Poker, KY Game, Leg Game … owns dozens of hot hit onbet card games today.

Diverse payment methods, fast transactions

Capturing the psychology of players when participating wants to quickly receive their loot. Therefore, onbet has set up an extremely fast deposit and withdrawal process, it only takes about 5 minutes for you to complete the transaction. At the same time, players are allowed to choose a variety of payment methods such as: online deposit/withdrawal, via Momo, bank transfer, Zalo Pay …

Onbet card gaming guide for new members

With the above variety of onbet card games, many bettors have registered accounts at the bookmaker. When experiencing onbet onbet card game, players will get the best betting moments. The way to enter the game is extremely simple:

Step 1: Players log in to their accounts at onbet. To successfully log in, you need to enter the name and password registered earlier.

Step 2: Players choose to deposit and fund their account if they do not have capital.

Step 3: At the onbet homepage, players select the “onbet card game” section. At this time, the onbet onbet card game halls will appear one after another.

Step 4: Onbet card games appear from left to right one after the other. At that time, the player chooses the onbet card game that he wants to play.

Step 5: Choose your bet and you can get started right away.

Note: In each different onbet card game, there will be different bets. Therefore, pay attention to the choice to avoid losing capital quickly.

The experience of playing card games onbet Bach Bach Bach Win

Onbet Onbet card game, you rely on 10% luck, the remaining 90% on yourself. So your skills will determine the success or failure in the game. Here are the experiences that gamers impart, do not ignore!

Understand the winning and losing rates of onbet card games at onbet bookmakers

In each game, anyone needs to know the win and loss rate to calculate their money. This helps you reduce the risk of losing money during the game. At the same time, it also helps you dare to play big if you have the victory in your hands.

Come up with a reasonable playing strategy for onbet card games

In card games, there are principles, even when playing online. Therefore, knowing the principles and operating methods will help you come up with a reasonable card strategy:

  • Understand the gameplay of each onbet card game genre with certainty. This will help players analyze the opponent’s cards, how to play cards as well as good cards that have not been released yet.
  • Do not skip 2 consecutive rounds if you can block the opponent. Because if you brew the article, there is a risk of losing the comb and roting the post.
  • You should lure the card depending on the opportunity to know the opponent’s path. To do this, you need to be able to memorize lessons very well.

Good management of your betting capital

The key point in the onbet card game is real money. So to be able to earn money in this game you need to manage your bets. This can also be called investing, so you avoid losses you need to calculate and consider your capital.

You need to split the amount every day, every bet. If you lose today, you immediately stop playing at the set amount. This helps you a lot, avoiding affecting your own life as well as your loved ones.


Finally, hopefully with the detailed review information about Onbet Card Game above will help you grasp the advantages of this playground. An extremely ideal and attractive destination with special offers for those who are passionate about this game of betting. Quickly register to become an onbet member now! Wish you have a great experience at Onbet betting playground – The No. 1 online bookmaker in Vietnam.

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