Advance to the South Onbet is the most rewarding card game worth experiencing this month. This is a money-changing entertainment service that attracts a large number of bettors to participate. So what’s so attractive about this card game? Refer to the article below Onbet will give a satisfactory answer and “pocket” the tips to play Undefeated South!

Moving to the South – The card game has never stopped being hot from online to offline

When it comes to gambling, no one is unaware of the game going south. It became more attractive to millions of players by the birth of the genre of moving to the South online – today’s real-money card game. The name is to advance to the South, but almost this game in all 3 regions of North – Central – South is very popular.

From gatherings during the Tet holidays to online playgrounds, the card game Forward has an uncanny appeal. In particular, currently, reputable bookmakers such as Onbet also bring players to the South to redeem rewards with huge real money.

The Forward deck consists of 52 cards and is ranked in sets 2-10 and J, Q, K, A. Of these, 3 is the lowest card and 2 is the largest card. In terms of size, the cards are arranged in order from large to small as follows: > Roman > Dragonfly > Bich.

Diverse card game spoiled for choice of favorite games

Guiding the Rules of the Game Forward South

Moving south Onbet is no stranger to many. However, there are many new members who do not understand the rules of the game. The rules of the game are as follows:

– The white next card is applied when the player hits all 13 cards in hand. Once the player has arrived, the rest of the players in the game are counted as cards. Thus, the winner can take all the winnings.

– The frostbite is applied when the hand has ended but the player has not yet hit any cards. If you freeze your hand, you will lose the entire amount bet.

– The applicable rule on 3-spades is applied when the first winner has the first piece and the last one is 3 spades. When winning, players will receive additional bonuses. In case the player loses the last and is left with this card, he will lose and deduct more money.

– The rules of the card game cut off the husband, the last winner who has cut the husband in a row will receive the entire bet.

Order of victory in Advance South Onbet

Each such bet table will consist of 4 players, the order of winning is calculated as follows:

  • The first person to finish is the winner.
  • The person who hits the next 13 cards is the one who finishes second.
  • The person who hits his cards after the second person will be the one who finishes third.
  • The loser of the bet is the person who has the last hand of the bet or makes some other mistake.

In-game terms to grasp

Before starting the game to the South, you need to understand the terms commonly used in this game to have the right and easiest way to play.

Junk post

Those are individual cards, they cannot be combined with other cards.


Is a combination consisting of two cards that are numerically similar.

Trio (Sam)

These are combinations of 3 cards that are numerically similar.


A group of cards from 3 or more cards with consecutive sequences of numbers. In the hall, there must be no cards 3 (Pig) and hall 2 – A is called the dragon hall.

Double pine

It is a combination of 3 or more pairs with consecutive dials, so it is also called 3 pairs of pines.

Four quarters

It is a combination of 4 cards that are numerically similar and it can chop pigs.

To white

This is a case of winning right after the end of the deal and there is no need to play this game. If the player has a combination of cards in one of the following cases, it will be counted as White To:

– In the first hand, your deck has combinations related to the 3 Spades. For example, the three quarters, 3 or 3 pairs of pines have 4 Bich.

– In any hand your deck has four quarters 2 or 5 Pairs or any 6 pairs or has a dragon hall or has 12 cards of the same color.

Note: If in the case of 1 game with 2 players To White, the winning bet of that game will be split in half.

Freezing (Suffocation, burning cards)

It is the case when in that hand someone has returned to the head (won) but you have not yet played any cards.

Those who suffer from “Irise” have to lose twice the bet and be tested. If there are Pigs or special cell combinations in the article, additional fines are imposed. And the first person will naturally enjoy the full amount of this fine.

Prestigious bookmaker of Onbet class


This is understood as a bug used to hit “Pigs”, for example:

– 3 Pine pairs will chop 1 Pig or chop 3 pairs of smaller parameters

– Four quarters to chop: 1 Pig, Double Pig, 3 Any Pine Pair or Smaller Four Quarters

– 4 Pairs of pines will be chopped: 1 Pig, Double Pig, Pork Ginseng, 3 Pairs of Pines, Four Quarters or 4 Pairs of smaller pines.

In particular, “Chopping” is the sum of the previous “Chopping” acts at that round. The player who is chopped will eventually be fined the entire amount of the chopping.

Pig (rotten)

This is the case at the end of the hand where the person on the deck is still Heo is penalized.

Why choose to play Forward Southern Onbet?

There are many bookmakers that offer this redemption card game. However, players do not hesitate to choose Asia’s No. 1 betting playground Onbet. Advancing to Southern Onbet has many outstanding characteristics.

Onbet owns many different betting rooms

You will have many different choices when betting here. Currently, Onbet has a lot of different betting rooms. Each such betting room will set different bets for you to choose freely. The bet is specified from several tens of thousands to hundreds of millions of dong. Based on the capital I have to be able to choose the most suitable betting room!

Onbet is a safe, reputable bookmaker that says no to fraud

When playing Advance South Onbet, you don’t need to worry about prestige. Because, this is the No. 1 reputable betting address in Asia that is legally licensed to operate. All trading or reward activities are monitored. Therefore, players can completely trust the level of openness and transparency here.

 The game interface Advances to the South Onbet is extremely eye-catching

Bookmaker Onbet Casino has used striking colors for players to see the cards best. At that time, you will get a certain concentration when you start betting. Every detail in the card game is arranged extremely logically. Thus, creating a feeling of being easy on the eyes and easy to read for players.

High payout rate, easy redemption

Currently, Southern Onbet is still one of the addresses with the highest payout rate. Besides, the bookmaker also offers a very attractive policy “Playing cards online for real money is extremely attractive”.

Members only need to create a successful account, provide accurate information, and withdraw money quickly. In less than 5 minutes, you can complete all redemption transactions at this bookmaker.

 Best Southern Onbet Play Experience 2022

In order for players to reach the finish line faster and receive more bonuses, the techniques in the way of playing cards Forward are very important. If you have a large deck of cards in hand, do not forget to use the following playing tips to ensure the victory!

Always pay attention to the 3-spades card at every match

3 Bich is considered a double-edged assailant in Southern Onbet. Because if you play it as the last card when you finish first, the rest of the players will be counted as losers and you get the highest possible bonus. But if you hide 3 Bich to the end and not the first player, you will also lose a large amount of money!

Waiting for good opportunities to quickly Hands All!

Perseverance when participating in the card game Forward will definitely bring good results. Because usually the redemption games will not follow a certain rule. The key is that players know the opportunity for the decks they have. If the time comes, it’s an excellent game to play quickly!

For example, you own a lot of Halls in your hands and at that time your opponents all go to the Hall. So what are you waiting for, you just need to take a breath to run out of cards and win big bets.

Know how to remember cards when playing advancing to Southern Onbet

In this game, try to focus as much as possible to remember which cards you and your opponent have played. A little trick is that you should remember the high cards first (from J – 2) and compare with the cards you have to play against the opponent.

For example, you are holding the JQk lobby in your hand and during the game if you see that 3 J or 3 K troops have been hit. Then surely your JQK lobby is only a loss to the QKA lobby. Just like that, you pay extra attention and wait for a reasonable opportunity to change the opponent’s hand.

Use safe gameplay

If you are a rookie new to the Onbet South playground, you should apply this playing tactic to ensure funding. At the same time, whether you have just played or played for a long time, you also need to carefully calculate your path so that the end of the game does not rot Pig, Four Quarters and Pine. The important thing to keep in mind when playing Southern Onbet is to push out as many cards as possible, the higher the chances of winning.

Choose the right table when playing Advance Southern Onbet

In the card game Forward Online, choosing a table is very important. It is best to choose tables with a bet that suits your capital. Thus, your forward playing techniques will be most effective.

And if you strongly choose a table with a big bet and then risk losing a game, you will lose a large amount of money. If you play many games and keep losing in a row, you should change the table to be able to enjoy the luck of the God of Cards.

How to play online and upload Advance to Southern Onbet

Currently, Forward to the South Onbet is the most popular card game at Onbet bookmaker. And to participate in this game, you need an Onbet Member account.

Onbet registration steps are as simple as a few minutes

At the interface of the Onbet bookmaker homepage, click “JOIN NOW” in the right corner of the screen. Then money personal information that Onbet requires. Simple includes Username, Password, Phone Number, Email.

Then click on the “REGISTER NOW” box and you have completed the procedure and wait a few more seconds for the system to confirm. When you have the words “SUCCESSFUL REGISTRATION”, you can log in and experience the Advance to Southern Onbet Card Game immediately and always.

You just need to click on CARD GAME, then select Go South Onbet and then select the room and table to join. Remember to top up your playing account to get capital and get rich from this attractive redemption card game!

Onbet also supports players on mobile platforms. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can bet at any time.


The card game “Go South Onbet” promises to bring you the most enjoyable experience. Leave a comment below if you need any more information about this hit betting game!

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