Football betting formula with high odds of winning is always one of the most searched keywords currently in the market. Let’s find out the top 3 super standard formulas below with ONBET.

Why is there a need for a football formula?

In football betting, football betting is considered the first step and also the most important step to help players shape their chances of winning when betting.

So many players, besides referencing betting skills, also learn more about novel formulas. This is considered an important support step to help players find the most common rule when participating in betting activities, thereby laying the foundation for the betting process to be highly effective.

Simply understood, the football betting formula is from the process of synthesizing and analyzing the intimate factors related to the match to calculate and draw the most standard bet to earn money.

In which the more accurate the information on the sidelines, the greater the odds of winning as well as eating money. So you can confidently use the standard ball prediction formula used below.

3 football betting formulas with high odds of winning

Immediately refer to the following 3 football betting formulas used by experts, especially for Vietnamese bookmakers:

Odds based on score ratio

Simply put, with this formula, each team that scores a goal shows the ability of that team to play. At that time, with the applicable regulation, win the match by 3 points, draw 1 and lose without points.

Then with the scores of teams in the rankings, the team’s performance will reflect the strength of that team. Bar:

(A – B) x 100, where A is the home team’s score, and B is the other team’s score.

The odds appear above 300, the home team possesses a higher probability of winning than the opponent.

Where the odds are negative, the visitors are more likely to win.

If the odds are zero, the match is highly likely to result in a draw.

Based on goal percentage in the match

With this formula, players will only be able to apply if and only if the match has appeared 1 goal. Then the goal percentage will be the difference between the team that scored and the team that conceded. The most standard calculation formula would be:

Score = Host difference – Away team difference. In particular, the difference here is the goal difference.

If the result is positive then the host owns a higher winning percentage.

If the result is negative, then the visitors are more likely to win.

Where the result is 0, the likelihood of a draw is great.

Formula from a performance point

This is a very effective football betting formula but not many players apply. So players can take advantage of it to make the most accurate judgments from the last 3 to 5 matches.

Performance drop points will be counted as the number of points won by that team in the match and multiply it by the coefficient. Then the coefficient is calculated in descending order from the last match until the 3rd or 5th match.

For example, calculated according to the performance score formula of 3 matches, the last match has 2 points, the 2nd match has 2 points and the latest match has 3 points. At that time, the number of points calculated will be 3 x 2 + 1 x 1 + 2 x 2 = 7 points.

Above ONBETVIP has just provided you with the applied by many players. You can refer to it and use it if you feel it is appropriate. I wish you success with your decisions.

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