BenVip is something that used to be very familiar to gamers who love to play cards online to redeem rewards. After a period of absence, this game portal has returned and continues to give players many surprises. Join ONBET to explore and learn more about this game lobby below.

About BenVip Game Hall

This game portal was officially launched on 04/11/2020 with the most popular and large-scale Alphatest event series in the redemption game market. In this series of events, you can receive a prize of up to 10 million VND.

It can be said that this is not only an entertainment playground but also a place to make extremely hot money.

Currently, this unlimited BenVip redemption game platform has officially appeared on the CH Play application store, Appstore to serve players. In this version, NPH has designed a game that is compatible with most devices, and can also play online games even on PC.

Detailed Review of Ben Vip Game Portal

What has made it superior, attracting a large number of gamers to love and participate? Certainly the following reasons cannot be ignored:

Eye-catching, modern interface

BenVip owns a very professional and creative programming team. They designed purple as the main tone, combined with a realistic and vivid sound system. Help participants feel excited and relaxed after a hard and tiring day of work.

Besides, the content items are streamlined, logical, not confusing for players. Therefore, the game portal is increasingly participating and well appreciated by many members.

Unique game store

Coming to Ben Vip, you will be spread horizontally with the full genre of the most popular redemption game at the moment. Card games, famous jars are taken from quality and reputable game studios.

This is also an opportunity for gamers to assert themselves, and at the same time check the level of green ripening in each game that has been committed by NPH. BenVip integrates monitoring of the betting process, completely eliminating game hacking and cheating.

  • Card game redemption: Disc jockey, Go ahead, Dragon explosion, Crab gourd, 3 trees, Poker.
  • Slot Game Gem Quarry, Ice Age, Amazon, Ben Kingdom, Super Tank, God of Thunder, Shooting Fish.
  • Mini games: Sic Fortune, Lottery, Infinity Stone, High Low, Mini Poker, Diamond, Galaxy, Candy.

Customer Care

Not only is it highly appreciated for its attractive interface and game store, but Ben Vip’s customer service is also very professional. Here employees are well trained, qualified and knowledgeable about the game market. Can be ready to support players anytime, anywhere, in any situation.

If during the game, you have any problems, just chat online with the staff of the game portal or call. Immediately there will be experts accompanying to support customers. The care service operates regularly, so you can completely feel free to experience it.

Secure payments

According to reviews and comments of many veteran players, BenVip owns a top-quality payment system. All transactions and payment processes of the game portal are strictly monitored, safe, transparent, and 100% accurate.

Many attractive offers and promotional events

Ben Vip not only provides a quality and attractive game store but also always brings incentives and promotions to members. Many incentive programs have been launched weekly and monthly by the game portal such as:

  • X6 jar Viking on Wednesday, 4 and Sunday.
  • X6 jars of Thunder on Mondays, 2s, 4s and Sundays.
  • X6 jar Amazone on Wednesdays, 4s and Sundays.
  • X6 jar Mini Poker on 2nd, 5th and Sunday.
  • X6 jars of Ben Kingdom on Tuesdays, 3s and Sundays.
  • Every day, there is a Phoenix Summoning event for brothers to play Sic Talent.

For first-time members, BenVip also offers a lot of attractive gifts. For players who have been attached to Ben, they will receive other attractive promotions:

  • Giving gratitude codes, new players, 1:1 conversion ratio is not charged.
  • Load up the point card to become a VIP member and enjoy many extremely special preferential modes from the game portal.
  • X2 is the first card loading value, applicable to the entire loading system in this game lobby.

Download Ben Vip to your device, play betting

The BenVip game portal now supports cross-platform with different operating systems. Players choose to download Ben Vip Android, IOS or play directly on the computer through the following download links and access links:

  • Play directly on PC, Laptop >>> Here
  • Download the game for Android >>> Here
  • Download games for IOS >>> Here

Summing up

So above are the reviews, as well as the most detailed introduction to the BenVip redemption card game portal. With these outstanding advantages, it will definitely not make you disappointed.

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