Basketball is a very popular sport today in the world. Onbet basketball betting is also one of the top sought-after sports to bet on. In order not to become an old-fashioned punter, you must know how to bet on basketball. Let’s learn about basketball games with Onbet and discover the interesting things about basketball betting.

Onbet Basketball Betting Introduction

Onbet basketball betting is a type of basketball betting with different odds offered by the bookmaker.

In basketball, a match will usually have 2 rounds and divided into 4 rounds. Therefore, each round will have 2 matches and 1 match will be extended from 10 to 12 minutes depending on the course of the match.

After the end of 2 rounds, if the two teams have the same number of points, they will be entered in extra time to determine whether to win or lose. Thus, unlike football, basketball will only have winners and losers, not a draw. If there is still a draw in extra time, the two teams will play extra women’s time until the winner is found.

Therefore, in addition to betting on the whole basketball game, participants can also bet on each round, each turn or maybe even in extra time. This is the special feature of basketball betting games.

The odds are popular in basketball. Basketball betting has 2 forms such as: Pre-match betting and in-game betting.

Usually, the types of bets before the match will be very diverse, most of which take place in the 1st half and the first round or the whole match. Particularly, the remaining matches will be basketball bets in the match.

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Some terms in Onbet basketball betting

To improve their judgment when participating in bets, players are required to learn about the following basic basketball betting terms:

Money lines

Money lines in basketball betting are understood to mean betting on the final outcome. Based on observations throughout the match, the player will have to make a judgment about the final result of the ball game.


Handicap in basketball betting terminology is quite similar to betting in football. The term means handicap. This bet is only suitable for matches where the two teams have a difference in strength. With this bet, participants bet on how many balls the strong team will handicap the weak team.

Parity bets

Players playing parity bets need to make a prediction of whether the final total score is even or odd. In the terminology of basketball betting, this is a fairly popular bet and is chosen by quite a lot of brothers.

Total basketball betting

With this term basketball betting is the financial game in football. Also known by another name is the upper and lower rafters. Accordingly, the bookmaker will give a number and the task of the betting experts is to make a prediction about the bet, whether the overall score will be lower or higher. If lower choose below or Under and if higher choose Tai or Top.

Live bets

Live betting in basketball betting terms means the vibrating bet that we are used to knowing in football. With this type of bet, players are entitled to place bets during the match until the end. Participants do not need to place bets before the match at all like some other types of bets.

How to participate in Onbet basketball betting

Sign up for an account

First things first, players will need to register a personal member account to participate in betting at Onbet bookmaker through the following steps:

  • Step 1: Need to visit the official website of the bookmaker Onbet (currently, Onbet only provides a single betting site for participants to ensure security).
  • Step 2: Next find and click on the “registration” section displayed on the Onbet homepage.
  • Step 3: Customers should provide information as required by the bookmaker Onbet.
  • Step 4: Finally, you need to check the information provided just now and click “register”.

If you already have an Onbet account, there is no need to create a new one. But please log in directly to the betting system of Onbet bookmaker through the registered username and login password.

Join Onbet Basketball Betting

  • The first thing that players need to do is log in. If you do not have an account, customers need to create 1 for themselves at the link to Onbet.
  • Make a deposit. If this is the case, you can skip it.
  • On Sports, players can choose to play in any section as they like.
  • Click Basketball. After that, players need to find the match, the bet they want to bet. It is necessary to enter an amount that matches the budget that the player has and click Place a bet.
  • If the prediction is correct, the winnings will be transferred by Onbet to the member after the match. In case if, when you make a wrong prediction, all bets will be lost.

Onbet Basketball Betting Rules

As for the rules of basketball for professional athletes, quite a lot, we will only talk through the basic rules.

When in any place, there must be its own rules, Onbet bookmaker is no exception. Although not too strict. However, ensuring these rules will help you bet more effectively.

Playing time

For the competition time, each round will have 2 rounds and each turn lasts about 10 minutes. Therefore, each match will have 2 rounds, which means 4 rounds. The break between the two halves is about 15 minutes, at each turn such as turns 1 and 2 take a 2-minute break to switch turns.

If you play the 1st half, you will calculate the results of turn 1 and turn 2. As for the result bet of the 2nd half, it will be the sum of the results of turn 3 and turn 4. You need to note this point to be able to choose the correct bet, otherwise it is easy to get confused.

Betting rules

With online basketball betting at Onbet, there are many ball bets. In each type of bet, there will be its own rules that you need to distinguish carefully. For example, if you bet on the last scoring team, the result will be calculated based on the team that scored the last goal. If you bet on the total goal, the result will be based on the total number of goals throughout the game of both teams.

Some Onbet basketball betting bets

You can bet on different bets. But, there are 3 main types of bets that you will find. These are:

  • Bet the winning team: Unlike football, in a basketball match it is mandatory to have the team play to win, not a Draw. Therefore, players can rest assured to choose 1 of 2 teams, which side will win at the end of the match. 50-50 is the odds of winning this game.
  • Handicap: Will be divided into 1st round handicap and full match. The weaker team will be handed 1 virtual score set by Onbet before the football match starts.
  • Under/Under bet: Onbet will set a 1-figure prediction of how many points 2 teams can score after the match is over. Select Under if the player’s prediction is lower than the house dealer. On the contrary, you should get down to the money at the Tai door.

Some notes when participating in Onbet basketball betting

If a match is drawn, then there will be extra innings. After extra time is over, we will take the results of the 2 main rounds and then add extra time, so we will get the result for the whole match.

If you bet in each quarter or each round, the result of extra time will not be included. In a word, it means that when betting in the 2nd round or the 4th round, extra time will not take place.

On average, a team on offense will have about 24 seconds to be able to make the tackle and throw the ball into the basket. If the case expires this period without proceeding to throw the ball into the basket.

At this point, the match must be suspended, and the ball will be transferred to the opponent’s team. Therefore, players who play handicap or underdog bets should pay attention to the above developments to make appropriate adjustments.

The match time will be followed very closely by the referee, if the team stops the ball and throws a penalty, the time of the match will also be stopped. If a match takes place, the teams have the right to stop the match so that they can consult and exchange information with each other.

Onbet basketball betting tactics for beginners

Need to keep track of each team’s schedule

The schedule of each basketball team will usually be dense and consecutive. Therefore, the fighting power of the team will also be reduced because there is not enough time to rest and resuscitate.

If you are planning to bet on these teams, it is necessary to consider and monitor more carefully and in more detail to be able to make the most accurate predictions.

Results of recent games of the basketball team

Usually, teams that lose in the previous match are more likely to win the next match. Their fighting power and ability to turn the tables are often noticed and appreciated by many punters.

Besides, you can completely rely on the previous odds table to be able to predict the fighting power of the team.

Notice home-field advantage

Home-field advantage is important for most sports. And basketball betting is no exception. According to experience, the home team will win more than 60% of the matches.

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Some rules when playing basketball betting

In addition to the issue of whether basketball betting is counted in extra time, players should also pay attention to the rules for recording basketball results to be able to have a more appropriate calculation.

The first is that all betting results will be counted after the match is over. That means you have to wait for the results of the extra rounds if any. However, in some cases, if you know the result, the bet will be eaten 100% according to that result, but you also have to rely on the conditions given by the bookmaker before.

Some frequently asked questions when participating in Onbet basketball betting

Does Onbet basketball betting count extra time?

Of course, like many other sports, basketball still has extra time. So when betting still have to count basketball extra time. The result of the ball game as well as the betting session is counted as 4 plays along with both injury time and basketball extra time. After the organizers make an announcement, the statistics will not be changed.

Should I join Onbet basketball betting or not?

Because Onbet is always a bookmaker that offers participants attractive and extremely rich bets. Help you bet on basketball faster and more accurately. In particular, there is an extremely safe security system and many attractive incentives.

Final Thoughts

In the above article, we have shared some detailed information about the forms as well as the attractions of Onbet basketball betting today. Choose Onbet so that we have the opportunity to help you experience the most professional, safer and quality online betting game.

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