Feather-legged chickens are classified as precious chickens, which are guessed and bought by many teachers. Not only because of its unique appearance, but the warrior possessing this type of leg also has outstanding advantages in the attack.

So what is a feather-legged chicken? How do I know? Rock chicken yes or no? Should chickens be raised? All will be answered by Onbet in the article below.

What is a feather-legged chicken? How to recognize

The feather-footed chicken is not a breed of chickens, through the deformity of the body, it is used this name to distinguish it from the usual chicken lines.

To identify feather-footed chickens, the easiest way is to look at their legs, and the rest of the areas are not too different. Concrete:

Chicken legs

The handle of the foot appears in rows of feathers running from the pillow to the foot. There are even some species of hairs growing on the toes – According to the monks, this species has been bred for many generations.

Feather-footed chickens are classified as quarter chickens

Scales of feather-legged chickens

Because the scales appear hairy, the structure of their leg scales is not as normal, it does not line up or have a certain order… quite disordered, with large scales – small scales, generally arranged all over chicken legs without a specific rule.

Chicken scales are quite disordered, difficult to recognize

Toes of chickens

Not all feathered chickens appear on the toes, but if they do, they will be concentrated mainly on the middle finger, in the inner finger the feather layer will be less and finally the finger.

Are feathered chickens good or bad? Should it be raised?

In the methods of watching good rock chickens, recognize talented chickens,… then chicken scales are always a criterion that cannot be ignored. However, in chickens with scaly legs, the view of scales is almost unnecessary and difficult to reconject. So many people are curious whether this line of chickens is good and whether to raise it.

In fact, feather-footed chickens are considered precious chickens, extremely good stones, and they are free to roam in their hands.

That being said, it’s not all that good. Therefore, it must be considered in many different factors and aspects, such as in terms of appearance, tone, and attack,…. Moreover, how chickens are raised will also determine the ability of the warrior.

Feather-legged chickens are considered precious chickens, extremely good stones, possessed in their hands, freely tossed.

If you are lucky enough to own a feathered chicken, you should first invest in nurturing, reaching a certain age, then give a few test stones to evaluate the attack as well as the strengths – weaknesses of the strategy. If you meet the standards, continue to invest in nurturing and training to become talented chickens. On the contrary, if you see weak blows, bad kicks, the ability to pay heights,… then you can sell or raise as ornamental chickens.

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Feathered chickens are generally quite rare, so the number of people who “know” about them is not too much. Equipping yourself with useful knowledge will help you be more proactive when identifying and nurturing them. Don’t forget to share more of your knowledge with us about this chicken line if you know!

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