Currently on the market there are quite a few new bookmakers appearing but do not know where is a safe place for us to participate. Right here, onbet will suggest some of Asia’s No. 1 bookmakers, you can refer to more and choose for yourself a suitable place to stop for entertainment.

What is the number 1 bookmaker in Asia? 

Online bookmakers are betting places that many red and black enthusiasts come to for entertainment after a stressful working time. The convenience of these online bookmakers is that we can join anywhere anytime.

Currently on the betting market, there are quite a lot of bookmakers appearing, the quantity and quality of these bookmakers cannot be verified but must be accurately evaluated by the players themselves.

Asia’s top rated bookmakers are the most prestigious and best entertainment venues today. Most reputable bookmakers usually have a long history of operating in this betting entertainment market.

To be able to judge whether a bookmaker is No. 1 in Asia or not depends on many factors. At these reputable betting portals, we must ensure all aspects to give players the best experience.

Advantages of betting at Asia’s No. 1 bookmakers

Players will feel the outstanding advantages when participating in these No. 1 bookmakers in Asia such as:

Reputable operating license

A key point of note is that the No. 1 reputable bookmakers often own inspection and operation licenses issued by the government. As a result, the trust of the participants will be enhanced.

Barriers to secure genuine customer information

Members participating in this prestigious betting portal will be maximally protected thanks to the current advanced security system. The information of all members of the betting system is guaranteed to be absolutely confidential.

Reasonable interface design

It can be seen that, to keep the leading position in this list, it is necessary to invest a lot in the website interface. The layout of betting games is extremely logical, which saves players time searching.

The interface system is also well-invested and modern, the graphics and sound images are sharp and realistic to give participants great gaming moments.

Wide range of convenient deposits and withdrawals

The advantage that needs to be mentioned at these top betting venues is the diverse deposit and withdrawal methods for players to freely choose the deposit or withdrawal methods that suit them best.

Most transactions at these betting platforms are quite quick and do not take too much time of participants, so you can completely trust and rest assured. At the same time, some bookmakers also completely waive transaction fees.

Many attractive betting games

Game store with a lot of choices with many different genres such as football, casino, slot spinning jar, lottery, cockfighting,…. Most of them come from well-known game developers in Asia.

Therefore, betting game products at the leading bookmakers in Asia in terms of sound and graphics are almost absolutely guaranteed. Ensure that players will have great experiences.

Enthusiastic staff, online 24/7

Finally, there is an extremely professional customer support department, always available at all times to help customers solve all problems encountered on the betting floor system with the most enthusiastic and warm attitude.

Summary of the No. 1 bookmakers in Asia today

Being on the list of the No. 1 bookmakers in Asia today, you can refer to some of the following betting portals:

Bookmaker me88

Some pros and cons of this bookmaker you can refer to are:


  • The payout rate at this betting portal is the highest rated in the market today. Especially at Casino betting games, the payout rate when winning is quite heavy for participants.
  • The graphical interface is regularly upgraded, so it brings a new feeling to the members on the betting floor.
  • Bookmaker me88 Is one of the early bookmakers, so the reputation is quite high with this place owning the largest number of members today.

External links

  • Because bookmakers often upgrade maintenance, many members cannot access certain days.

Sky88 Bookmaker

Pros and cons of Asia’s No. 1 bookmaker – Sky88 include:


  • Unlike some other bookmakers who use machines to deal cards, this place uses dealers who are real people. These are beautiful and hot girls, increasing the attractiveness of the bettors.
  • The payout rate here is no less than that of the old bookmakers. Help players get a big net when betting wins.
  • Creating many diverse and new betting halls for sports games brings a new breeze to football betting enthusiasts.


  • Access links are often blocked by carriers.
  • The withdrawal channel only has a bank card link and there are not too many choices.

Bookmaker BK8

The outstanding advantages and disadvantages of BK8 bookmaker include:


  • The interface design is simple but quite detailed, helping players to search for betting games as quickly as possible.
  • Has a long history of operation and is one of the famous veterans in the market today.
  • For deposit and withdrawal methods, this bookmaker also updated the method of using Crypto, specifically Bitcoin. This is a fairly rare method at trading on betting floors today.


  • Because this is a famous bookmaker, the traffic at rush hour is quite crowded, often congested at this time.
  • The customer care system is monotonous, there is only one chat channel on the system, so players have to wait a long time.

HappyLuke Bookmaker

Some of the pros and cons of HappyLuke bookmaker include:


  • Applying today’s leading technologies gives players the most realistic experience with attractive 3D graphics.
  • Allow members on their system to bet on multiple games at the same time just no more than the amount in the wallet.
  • The bonus rate at football betting games here is the highest rated in the market today.


  • Focusing quite a lot on the football betting game genre, other game products are not too diverse.

Bookmaker 8Xbet

The pros and cons of 8Xbet bookmakers are:


  • The interface is invested with many outstanding colors that leave a deep impression on newcomers but are still quite easy on the eyes.
  • The betting game design is easy to find and extremely logical with a clear layout.
  • This is the most well-invested betting portal in terms of customer support when it has opened many channels to help players find it easy and do not need to wait too long


  • Overcrowding at peak hours leads to system lag and freeze.

Bookmaker Fi88

The pros and cons of the Fi88 betting port you can refer to are:


  • Most of the games here are the most popular top games on the betting market today.
  • Various deposit and withdrawal methods for members to choose from and complete transactions within 2 to 10 minutes only.
  • Many attractive offers take place continuously all year round for all members on the No. 1 bookmaker floor in Asia from rookies to long-time bettors.


  • The system frequently lags during peak periods.

If you are looking for a reputable and safe betting venue, you can refer to some of the No. 1 bookmakers in Asia suggested above.

These bookmakers have been evaluated by many players for both quality and service, so you can completely trust and feel secure to participate.

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