Rik789 makes many of you want to join this bookmaker to earn you huge profits. Let’s find out about this reputable bookmaker with ONBET right in the following article.

Overview of Rik789

This bookmaker has a Nordic betting style and asserts its position in the international arena very impressively. In Vietnam, this bookmaker is known to you as a bookmaker with a huge win rate and reward incentives. Make many long-time players flock in turn to be able to earn more higher profits.

Rik789’s betting game genres

Rik789 offers a vibrant betting playground with a diverse and well-invested betting game store in all aspects as follows.

Sports Betting

It brings together all the world’s top leagues and every day there are thousands of large and small tournaments. Diverse bets, high odds and fair payouts should be loved by many of you. There are 3 sports halls: SB, OW, TP with a full range of sports such as football, volleyball for you to participate in.

Online casinos

Coming to this bookmaker, you will discover a huge casino with a casino developed with 4 major providers: Ezugi, Ho Gaming, Evolution Gaming and Vivo Gaming, bringing the popular card game PRR such as Advancing, pricking, scratching 3 cards, Lien, Ton, Baccarat, Dragon tiger, Sicbo and Tiger Crab Gourd.

Slot card games

These hot hit game series are definitely indispensable in the bookmaker’s massive game store. There are countless outstanding titles waiting for players to enjoy such as Fish Shooting, Diamond, Long ly, fighting game and Roulette roulette.


E-Sport is no stranger to any player who bets online. There will be a separate lobby that brings many game bets and updates the results in the most accurate and fastest way. Make sure all games are fair and transparent through games like League of Legends, Dota 2, CSGO and FIFA.

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Exploding jars

It includes popular games and even familiar fishing games. Be overwhelmed with jackpot wins of up to billions of dong with a carefully invested and eye-catching interface.

Dial and Game Number

The Dial and Numbergame lobby includes lucky and traditional games such as Slag, Gourd, Disc jockey, Dragon Tiger, baccarat and racing and flexible glue ability to help you bet at many points without worrying about system crashes.


The game area is the same as the floating hall we mentioned above and there will be an additional table game section. You will be able to play attractive games no less than live Casino such as lucky spin, dragon tiger, roulette and hold’em.


The number of titles at the house includes the north-central-south lottery 3 and the super speed lot. Both of these halls have a payout rate of up to 99 times. In addition, the bookmaker also carefully annotates how to play and bet at the bottom so that you understand and avoid confusion.


Similar to number games or lotteries, Keno also has two halls, Keno Vietlott and Super Speed Keno that are continuously lotted. Here you just need to sit at home to satisfy your passion for betting.

What are the advantages of Rik789 bookmaker?

Rik789 is a bookmaker with just over five years of operation in the market, but thanks to its strong investment and huge financial capabilities, this bookmaker has shown that they are not inferior to their predecessors, even at some points much more outstanding.

Features of betting games

The abundance of games is an important factor to enhance the customer experience that any bookmaker strives to develop, and this bookmaker is no exception.

  • You can participate in football betting games with the characteristics of the Nordic region, or card games in Rik789 Casino diverse and complete.
  • Other entertaining 3D games such as fishing, Lot, Keno, Number game and dial. The entertainment space becomes even more vivid with the game world of Explosion, Shooting fish thanks to its beautiful interface and extremely high RTP.
  • In addition to large football tournaments with world scales, this bookmaker can also allow you to bet on football tournaments with a smaller scale.
  • Besides, you can also participate in betting on tennis, basketball, rugby or even e-sports that are very popular today.

Applying Blockchain to Security

Blockchain is one of the most secure technologies available today that no one has been able to solve. With the financial potential of this bookmaker, it has applied this technology to protect your identity. From there, it helps you to be absolutely safe in cyberspace.

Fast deposits and withdrawals

The issue of transparency in deposits and withdrawals of bookmakers is always a top priority that every player needs to pay attention to. During the period from its establishment until now, this bookmaker has never been involved in any cases about payment, reward you and offer many different forms of withdrawal.

  • Deposit via cash
  • Deposit via scratch card
  • Transfer money via ATM
  • Online money transfer or Internet Banking
  • Deposit via MOMO
  • Fast money transfer via Fastpay
  • Cryptocurrency trading channels
  • Automatic deposit via Code Pay

Customer Service

If you are too bored with calling customer service but never answered the phone, or even listening to the phone does not solve anything, you can experience the five-star customer service of Rik789.

  • The customer care team of this bookmaker is invested and trained very methodically and continuously on duty 24/24 hours and can grasp all the knowledge related to the game and thereby be able to support you and solve your problems immediately without spending too much time.
  • Besides, the best thing from this bookmaker is that they have a number of operators using five languages, including Vietnamese to easily advise questions for our country’s players.

Multiple promotions

In general, the bookmaker Rik789 has few promotions, but every program is extremely quality and brings great profits to players.

  • Promotion of 100% of the value of the first deposit card for new players when completing 20 rounds of betting in 30 days and the preferential amount is up to 8 million VND.
  • Unlimited 1 % rebate on all games here.

Huge promotional gifts

This bookmaker is the 1 bookmaker with the largest investment in incentives in Vietnam. This generous reward with high-value incentives makes you join this bookmaker from the very beginning when you first enter the market. The gifts you receive will include.

  • Valuable artifacts such as laptops, smartphones, smart watches with bluetooth speakers and scooters.
  • Points redeemed in the game
  • Cash, gold and some metals will have other value.

Protecting fairness

Rik789 is a redemption card game portal with absolute fairness and transparency. AI technology will be able to operate the game and not interfere with anything that could impact the outcome of the game. When you join, you will be participating in real time between players and the delay is not up to 1 second.

Notes when participating in betting

To participate in betting and gambling games for money or other 3D games in the best way, you can refer to some notes as follows.

  • You can follow the expert comments to draw your conclusions. The experts here are all experienced and long-term in the field, their opinions are valid and you should refer to them.
  • Read the rules carefully in every game you participate in. Knowing the rules of the game will help you win a 50% chance of winning. Besides, it can also help you never encounter a situation of losing just because you do not know the rules, there is no one for you to ask to play again.
  • Rik789 is a installer with very high odds of winning, but you should also divide the money in your account into groups and only play within the allowed limits. From there, it is possible to ensure that the quality of life is not affected much.
  • Do not put all your money into a certain game, you can break it down to participate in many different games. From there, you can also know which game is right for you and can bring high returns to invest.

How to register to play at Rik789

To start joining the bookmaker, you can register an account following these steps.

  • Go to the official link of Rik789 and select Register.
  • Fill in your information in the account registration form.
  • Choose registration is complete and have an account for you to join the game.

How to deposit and withdraw Rik789

This bookmaker supports you in many forms of deposit and withdrawal, but the form that is encouraged and many gamers use is transfer and use momo e-wallet. The steps for depositing and withdrawing funds are as follows.

  • You go to the official link and log in to your account.
  • Select the forms you want to trade Deposit or Withdrawal.
  • Choose transaction methods such as banks, momo wallets, and scratch cards.
  • Fill in all and accurately the information that the bookmaker requires.
  • Select Withdraw or Deposit to confirm the completion of the transaction.


Through this, it can be concluded that Rik789 is a completely reputable bookmaker and enough grounds for you to trust and participate in the games of this bookmaker. Wish you have a good experience and quickly bring back as many gifts and profits as possible.

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