Bookmaker Galaxy6623 is a bookmaker that is attracting a huge number of players in recent times. This is considered an ideal playground with many services and extremely attractive games. The following article we will help you learn more about this bookmaker.

About Bookmaker 6623

What is a 6623 bookmaker? 

Bookmaker 6623 is also known as Galaxy6623, is a familiar name for gamers who are passionate about betting in the Vietnamese market in general and the world in particular.

This bookmaker is legally licensed to operate in the Philippines and is highly appreciated by many players for its quality. This place provides players with a variety of attractive betting game genres such as: Betting can tha0, lottery, casino, cockfighting,….

Typical games at bookmaker 6623

Typical games at bookmaker 6623

In order to attract a large number of players to join this bookmaker, it has constantly developed its betting products, giving players a huge game store with many attractive games. The types of games that are hot at this bookmaker include:

Sports Betting

Football is a king sport that many players like. Therefore, the demand for live football betting is also increasing. Understanding this problem, the bookmaker has brought players reputable football betting halls such as SABA Sports, UG Sports, CMD Bet,…

These are all prestigious, quality sports halls on the market with a variety of game genres that promise to bring players extremely interesting experiences.

Esports is also one of the genres that are very popular at this bookmaker. Here players will be able to participate in many major tournaments such as LOL, League of Legends – LPL Spring, Dota2,…

Fish shooting at 6623

Shooting fish for redemption is a game that is attracting a large number of players when coming to this bookmaker because of the simple gameplay but the prizes received are extremely attractive.

Coming to fish shooting, players will be able to participate in attractive fish shooting photos such as: GG gaming lobby, CQ9 lobby, JDB lobby.

Card game at 6623

This is the most popular game at this bookmaker by. Here players have the opportunity to participate in the large gaming halls AG Gaming, AE Sexy, Bbin, Dream Gaming, WM casino not only bring exciting entertainment moments but also help players earn a large bonus if they win.

Especially coming to this bookmaker, players will be able to experience the current hot card games such as Baccarat, tiger dragon, crab and fish, Roulette,…


At this bookmaker, there are only 3 halls providing lottery predictions: AE lot, GPI lottery, GW lottery, so it only meets the entertainment needs of players, not diverse.

Exploding jars

Famous jar is a game with a long origin and indispensable in every bookmaker, including 6623. To best meet the needs of players, this bookmaker has cooperated with leading slot manufacturers such as Ameba, Microgaming, Simple Play, CQ9.

Outstanding advantages of bookmaker 6623

Outstanding advantages of the bookmaker

Through the process of formation and development, up to now, this bookmaker has been attracting a large number of players and tends to increase thanks to its outstanding advantages.

6623 is a reputable bookmaker

This bookmaker is legally licensed to operate in the Philippines and is recognized as a reputable and quality bookmaker. Currently, there is no information related to whether this house is cheating or cheating, so players can be completely assured when choosing a bookmaker.

Besides, the bookmaker also owns a fast average website update speed, stable transmission line, no lag or jerky.

Fast deposits and withdrawals

As a reputable bookmaker, the process of making deposits and withdrawals at 6623 is done quickly. Players will only take 5-10 minutes to make a deposit and 15-30 minutes to withdraw.

Professional customer care

Galaxy6623 bookmaker offers players dedicated, professional customer service with a team of highly qualified staff. All questions and difficulties of players will be solved accurately and quickly.

Attractive promotions

To create newness for players, Galaxy6623 bookmaker always offers a lot of incentive programs for participants such as: welcome offer, first deposit offer, birthday offer, holiday,…

Therefore, players should regularly monitor the information about these promotions at the bookmaker to participate and bring themselves valuable rewards.


So above is all the information about Galaxy6623 betting paradise for gamers. Hopefully, through the sharing on players will better understand this bookmaker. If you are looking to find yourself a reputable address to participate in betting, you should not miss this bookmaker.

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