Is a new bettor with not much playing experience? Or you are looking for yourself a reputable bookmaker and choose New88. But you hear rumors of scams at this bookmaker. To verify whether the New88 game portal is a scam, read the article below of ONBET review.

Why is there information about the New88 bookmaker scam

The news about the recent New88 bookmaker scam is not lacking online. This makes the brothers bewildered, worried that this bookmaker is deceiving them. Especially new players who hear that New88 is cheating will be hesitant to join or not.

The first thing before determining whether New88 is a scam, we should summarize why this bookmaker was accused of fraud.

Registration/Login error

The first is about registering an account that makes mistakes and fails. There are many cases where you make the correct registration but the system reports an error and cannot register.

After that, although he finished registering, he could not log in. This will also make players feel cheated. However, in fact, many reasons why your registration and login are faulty and unsuccessful.

Related to trading at New88

In addition, the reason why this bookmaker was accused of fraud is related to failed deposits. When you deposit money many times into the account but still can’t. This makes that player have doubts about the house.

An extremely serious problem is that players cannot withdraw money. In this case, people will think of depositing, it is easy to withdraw money. Only a fraudulent bookmaker cannot withdraw such money. Therefore, players are especially bewildered when they encounter not withdrawing money to the bank account even though the money in the playing account is still available.

Plus, it’s the fact that many brothers don’t get rewarded with promotions.

New88 bookmaker is reputable and professional

Answer about the information that New88 is a scam?

The above reasons are exactly the situation that many brothers encounter when playing at New88. However this has absolutely nothing to do with New88 scam. If you ask if New88 is a scam, the answer is NO.

The details of deciphering why this bookmaker is not a scam, it is because in each case you do not understand the information / problem.

Why can’t you register/log in?

There are quite a few factors that affect the fact that the brothers registered to play at New88 unsuccessfully. When you provide faulty personal information, set a password that is not in accordance with the request… Or it could also be because your network connection is unstable, access the wrong bookmaker link … So new registration failed.

On the issue of logging in, it is very likely that you have entered the wrong registration information at the beginning. Or maybe it’s because you made some typo.

With payment problems, transactions involving money

If you do the wrong operation, or the deposit amount is lower or exceeds the limit… Then your recharge also failed. But players can be absolutely assured because this bookmaker will not swallow your money.

And if you withdraw money unsuccessfully, you do not need to be confused. Now the fastest solution is to contact the bookmaker’s care team. The consultants will answer all information related to withdrawal for you. You will understand the reality of the problem of not being able to withdraw money.

As for the promotions here, they will have their own conditions to receive. If you do not receive a promotion, it may be because you are not eligible for the bonus. Please double-check, there is no such thing as New88 scam.

Should I join new88 bookmakers?

It can be confirmed with certainty that the New88 bookmaker is a scam, it is not. In terms of prestige, quality as well as reliability are at the top of the market today. So you can rest assured when playing at this place.

Top betting games: football, casino, sports betting … Will definitely bring you great experiences when playing. If you do not know which house to bet at, you can try your hand at New88.

Summing up

Whether absolutely NOT. This is an unfounded rumor, completely unreliable, so you can rest assured to play the game here. If you have any questions or need answers. You can completely contact the bookmaker’s customer care team to receive answers.

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