Moonlive deserves to be the top entertainment address for customers to choose thanks to the true entertainment paradise that this playground brings. The comprehensive entertainment application is always updated with the newest and most modern features of technology that certainly never makes participants feel disappointed. Invite readers and reputable bookmakers Onbet to learn to understand why Moon live is a brand that is receiving the love of the iGaming community.

General overview of the Moonlive brand


Moonlive entertainment brand is famous in the past few years in the Vietnamese market. This playground quickly attracts a large number of members to participate thanks to the newness in reaching customers with unique entertainment services.

Moonlive has a leading entertainment company in Asia Pacific with a long-recognized caliber and reputation. App live Moon is an extremely well-invested and professional application that is always dedicated to providing customers with the highest and most perfect entertainment service quality.

Discover the attraction of Moon live paradise

Moonlive is not the only application operating in the Vietnamese market with products and methods to reach customers. However, this playground still conquers most people by the special attraction from the entertainment space like enjoying in a dreamy paradise.

Endless entertainment store with many interesting platforms


The entertainment platform at Moonlive is considered extremely diverse and unique. The playground offers many options from sports betting, folk games to reward to gaming programs with idols, interacting with hot girls and celebrities, in addition, the application also allows participants to interact with each other through open social networks.

+ Stock of videos and images of beauties, male gods and young idols: Moonlive always owns the latest images, the latest videos come from idols of social networks. This archive is updated every minute, every hour with global celebrities for you to follow.

+ Sports betting, redemption games: watch live football betting with many bets offered by leading bookmakers. Dozens of sports, casino betting games, card games, folk games, minigames are brought by Moonlive to customers who love black and red games to choose from.

Moon live playground possesses many outstanding features

Moonlive’s outstanding features are quite clearly shown from the interface of the game to the professional style from the publisher’s entertainment products. The interface with a simple layout, scientific layout of game forms or video stores is easy for customers to choose to participate.

Game browsing speed is a great advantage from Moonlive, the ability to load games extremely fast or watch videos without waiting time with extremely stable quality. At the platform, there is no lag or sudden browser exit due to the most modern and highly technical application platform technology.


Moonlive is extremely tightly managed and science opens up a civilized playground for everyone. Every participant rule is extremely detailed and forces members to comply with and enthusiastically keep a safe and healthy entertainment environment.

Flooded with promotional offers from the application

Moonlive’s massive promo arsenal never disappoints customers, whether new members or VIP members of the playground. The promotion program when depositing extremely large funds for all platforms helps new members receive many unexpected gifts with cash or accounts in games.

Cashback activities and rewards for accumulating member points are focused by Moonlive apk ios pc. Becoming a VIP member with many special offers such as weekly deposit bonuses, account upgrades and the opportunity to become an idol of social networks to collect members’ gifts is extremely easy.

An Easy Guide to Join Moonlive


Moonlive application works on all applications including popular operating systems such as Window on PC, Laptop or Android or ios on mobile devices. Participants can choose to experience easily by downloading Moon live app for android or Moonlive ios.

Signing up for a Moonlive account is also extremely easy. All instructions for registering Moon live are detailed instructions to each member, customers pay attention to carefully read the community participation guidelines and fill in the registration form to comfortably use this attractive entertainment application.

Summing up

It can be said that Moonlive is an entertainment address that impresses the community of customers who love relaxing products and making money online. With its omnipotence, this Moon entertainment paradise promises to update every day with impressive entertainment super products, invite you to wait!

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