Guide how to calculate Malaysia bets online most effectively and accurately according to standardized formulas. Let’s find out more with ONBET in the article below.

Summary of Malaysian odds

Malaysian rafters are one of the most popular and popular rafting genres on the market today. At the same time, this type of bet is also present in all online bookmakers because of its popularity.

Simply put, in Malaysian football odds, the Malaysian bet is a type of bet where the bookmaker will provide 2 odds: negative and positive. After participating in the bet, the bookmaker will start relying on the above 2 ratios to calculate the amount of winnings and losses for players.

Then the two basic types of Malaysian bets will be:

Negative odds: Odds show the amount of the loss. This means that if you lose, your losses will be calculated by multiplying your bet by negative odds. On the contrary, if you win, you will win enough money.

Positive odds: Odds show the amount of winnings a player can receive for winning a match. This means that the bet amount will be multiplied by the positive odds to result in the winnings. On the contrary, if you lose, you will lose enough money.

How to calculate Malaysia odds winnings

As noted above, Malaysian odds include ways of calculating negative coefficient winnings as well as positive coefficients. The most standard calculation formula would be:

Winnings = Bet X Positive Malaysia Odds + First Stake

Lost bet = Bet X Negative Malaysian odds

For example:

Dortmund (-0.65) vs Bayern Munich (0.5) match. Then if you bet 100k on Bayern Munich:

If Bayern Munich wins, you will receive a bonus amount of 100k x 0.5 + 100 = 150k

If Bayern Munich loses, you will lose enough money.

  • Conversely, if you put 100k into Dortmund:
  • If Dortmund wins, you win enough is 100k + 100k = 200k.
  • If Dortmund loses, the brothers lose the amount: 100K x -0.65 = 65k.

What to note when playing Malaysian handicap so as not to lose money

In order not to lose money when participating in Malaysian games, players need to master some of the following principles as well as experience:

Choose a reputable bookmaker to participate in betting

This is considered the first and most important move for all players when participating in Malaysian bets. Accordingly, a reputable and quality bookmaker will ensure that players can easily carry out betting activities without worrying about the risk of fraud or outbreaks.

Not only that, all user information as well as transaction process at bookmakers will also be kept strictly confidential to ensure privacy.

In particular, playing Malaysian bets at a reputable bookmaker will help players update information accurately with the highest efficiency, especially in the odds as well as the complete odds table.

Do not choose negative odds that are too high

Players should also pay attention to absolutely not participating in bets with negative odds that are too high. Simply put, this is the type of bet that makes players lose and lose the most money. Therefore, players will need to have very thorough considerations when participating in this type of bet.

Constantly updating house edges

Not only Malaysian bets, but with any type of bet, players also need to take action to update the parameters as well as surrounding factors to be able to make the best assessment of the bet prepared to participate.

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