Coming to E-Sports ONBET, you feel like coming to an extremely useful playground when both bringing special spiritual values and creating opportunities for you to receive extremely attractive rewards. Quickly register to play Esports at ONBET to ensure you will be extremely excited.

What is an introduction to E-Sports ONBET?

Esports (short for Electronic Sports) Also known as esports, Esports are video games (online games) with competition between players or teams or groups playing against each other. With each video game, a tournament will be held between players and teams competing against each other, thereby forming an Esports tournament.

When participating in eSports tournaments, players will compete directly against each other. With the ultimate goal of finding the winning team to earn valuable rewards.

Esports betting is the type of betting where players bet on matches or hold e-sports tournaments. With each type of tournament there will be different bets that players can bet. Some popular games today have Esports betting odds such as: League of Legends (LoL), CS:GO, Dota 2, FIFA, Lien Quan Mobile, etc.

Currently, the ONBET E-Sports market is growing no less than traditional sports. The tournaments held are also more professional and attract a large number of participants.

Summary of E-Sports betting types ONBET

For each game offers different stakes levels. And now ONBET will share with you today’s popular Esports betting:

  • Win-Lose (Moneyline) This eSports bet only takes place in a specific match. As soon as time is up, you can immediately know the result (Win – Draw – Lose)
  • Match duration betting: Esports betting Guess how long the match will last. To win this bet, you have to understand the full force involved in this match and then place the bet.
  • First match bet: The first win is a form of betting on which team, or player will win the first match such as destroying the opponent, capturing something …
  • Handicap: A handicap is a handicap that you will set a handicap and based on that to determine the outcome. Players will have to bet on which team will win and will win with the specific handicap given by the bookmaker? If you have played football, this bet is similar to the Asian one.
  • Slag bets: Each match will have specific parameters, so the bookmaker will have financial bets according to the specific indicators of that match such as the number of lives lost, the total number of goals scored in the match,… Players will bet and predict whether ONBET E-Sports will achieve the set goal or not? If you exceed the number of bookmakers given, you will win big and vice versa.
  • The types of E-Sports betting ONBET are quite simple and not too complicated. So how do you win at esports betting? Below, ONBET lists some tips to help you win when betting. Hope this helps you in the future.

How to Bet E-Sports Bets Effectively

The first thing when playing at any bookmaker is to have an account to deposit and redeem. This top bookmaker is no exception when there is information about the subscription hint that will appear at the earliest when accessing the game. With the simplest registration steps such as filling in information, phone number and waiting for confirmation within 30 seconds to get a hot account right away. In addition to the esports betting category, this international bookmaker currently offers different types of bets and betting methods such as:

  • Time bet: the actual bet of the match may end before the first 20 minutes of the match, if after 20 minutes the first bettor loses.
  • First network team bet: bet on the first network or the team with the first blood in the match, allowing bets to be placed between two teams on who will win a life or bet which team loses the first network.
  • Winning bet: bet on the final result of the match.
  • Bet which team will win the first half, similar to the above but only bet the result of the first half, most of today’s competition is 1 games, 1 wins 5 or 3 wins 2.
  • Odds handicap: Similar to football, here the weaker team gets more handicaps.


So you have learn more about E-Sports bookmaker ONBET. Bookmaker ONBET also has a lot of other games that you can bet on. If you need help with e-Sports Betting, please comment below or contact the chat bar for assistance.

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