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What is football betting software?

Before going deep into the method that football live betting software is applying as well as implementing, players need to know what this software is.

Simply understood, football betting software is an application created to provide as well as update the fastest and most accurate way to users about information related to football matches. From there, players can easily bet and reap the most profitable results.

Pros – Cons of football betting software


Let’s see what outstanding advantages this software has:

  • Easy to download as well as use on any smartphone or smartphone.
  • Update accurate information up to 98.99% and make it easy for players to choose a bet.
  • Diverse and attractive modes of expression help players feel effective features.
  • The software is easy to use, every feature is automatically updated.
  • Support for simultaneous betting at many different bookmakers

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However, these software have disadvantages such as:

  • The cost of buying and installing is quite high
  • It is easy for the bookmaker to set up the opposite because the software works automatically, according to the sequence of numbers.
  • Provides information based on parameters, lacking predictive adjustments.
  • Not all software achieves high efficiency.

Top 3 football betting software increase the chances of winning up to 99%

Here will be the 3 most used football betting software that players cannot ignore if they want to search for this application.

Superbet Pro

This is a product created and released by 4Lowin Group of Malaysia. The main way of operation of this software is to use the formula to scan the odds online including:

  • Premier League matches
  • La Liga
  • Italian football matches
  • French football…

The software then analyzes the types of bets included in the match and makes recommendations to help players get down.

Here you just need to register an account, set up the information around the match and wait for the calculator to calculate.

Iwin Planes

The software has now been developed on two major platforms, SBOBET and IBET888. With this software, players can refer to and choose for themselves the best bet. Currently, Iwin is developing a full range of bets from Asian, financial to European. At the same time as using the sorting filter, the bets when given always reach the state of eating with the highest accuracy rate.

Especially with Iwin Plank, players will not have to pay any fees when registering or using the service here.


This is one of the football betting software that increases the chances of winning which is highly appreciated for its stability as well as effective operation. This software also supports users to participate in betting at many different bookmakers. At the same time, the odds here are also updated and upgraded automatically, you just need to select the match to be able to easily use without having to go through any other extra stages.

Running Win

According to user reviews, Running Win software can help players directly participate in the experience as well as receive betting advice at more than 50 different large and small bookmakers. This is also a product developed by 4lowin – a group based in Malaysia. So even if there is a fee to register an account, players are completely satisfied when using the consulting bet here.

The outstanding feature of Running Win is the ability to update information from the bookmaker, update information around the match, thereby offering the most suitable bets for players to participate. Currently, Running Win is still one of the most appreciated betting software by the player community in Vietnam.

Above Onbetvip has just updated the top football betting software that increases the chances of winning up to 99% of the most popular. Refer to and choose to get a software to support your betting process.

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