Online redemption card game portals are currently considered a number 1 option to be able to serve the entertainment needs of players. Grasping this vision, more and more online and formed card game portals can develop more. Among them Onbet is emerging as a card game portal that is of top quality and has been loved by betting players. Let’s take a look at some information about the Onbet card game portal.

About Onbet card game portal

Onbet is a relatively young online card game portal in the Vietnamese betting market. Besides, in fact, this is one of the card game portals that have been extremely popular in the Asian betting market.

  • So after only a few years of hard work in our country, the Onbet card game portal has become a betting destination favored by a large number of players.
  • Unlike other online card game portals, Onbet currently offers a variety of bets.
  • And not only betting games in casinos but participating in the Onbet card game portal, you will experience many different types of betting. It can be said that Onbet is like a miniature bookmaker.

Download Onbet game for IOS

Along with devices running on Apple’s iOS operating system, players must download with the appropriate version exclusively for iOS. You follow these instructions to be able to download the game portal:

  • Operation 1: Use Safari browser to access the Onbet link
  • Operation 2: The screen interface will change, you can see the Download button, you click on it to be able to download and install.
  • Operation 3: Once there is an installation message, select Install and wait until the download data is complete.
  • Operation 4: Install → General → Device Manager → [Publisher Name] → Choose trust

Download game ports for Android

Similar to iOS devices, the Android operating system will also have a corresponding version of the apk game portal. These include phones from Samsung, Oppo, Lenovo, Vivo,… The way to download will be quite simple, you just need to follow the following steps:

  • Operation 1: Go to the settings section, select the application manager, select unknown origin, you must turn on this function to be able to allow installation into the application.
  • Operation 2: Click Chrome, go to the Onbet link
  • Operation 3: Click with Download to be able to wait for the data and download.
  • Operation 4: When the download data is completed, outside the waiting screen interface on the phone will have the icon of the game portal application.

Advantages evaluated by brothers at the game portal

Let’s find out the following article to be able to know the preferences from gamers who choose game ports:

Game portal interface

This game portal is one of the card game portals that is highly appreciated in terms of interface design. Accordingly, the main tone in this card game portal is a purple color. That will create a huge attraction for Vietnamese players.

  • Besides, the betting halls at the game portal will be divided extremely scientifically. Along with the purpose of this is to make it easy for players to find the game they want to participate in.
  • Especially in one of the differences that makes the game portal money-hungry is that they have created a separate chat hall for players at the homepage at this bookmaker. As a result, you can interact with friends from all over the world.

Customer Care

Although it is only a young card game portal, in fact, the card game portal has also built itself an extremely professional betting system.

  • From betting activities to human factors, the game portal has been invested extremely carefully.
  • For that reason, the game portal has trained a team of consultants to take care of customers very methodically and very professionally.
  • Thanks to that, each question as well as problems with betting transactions at the game portal are solved in the most thorough, fair and very quick way.

Speed of deposits and withdrawals to account

Along with the speed of withdrawal and deposit is one of the important bases for players to evaluate with a reputable bookmaker or not. And fortunately, this card game portal has done a great job of this.

  • According to the reviews of players who bet at the game portal, the deposit and withdrawal speed of the game portal is extremely fast.
  • Accordingly, the time to be able to make transactions in the game portal is almost instant, if slow, only 5-10 minutes after you manipulate transactions.

Game portal promotion

Aimed at giving players who bet at the game portal the highest satisfaction as well as to be able to attract more players to bet. Now, the game portal has offered a lot of different promotions and promotions. These promotions help you get with a huge percentage of bonuses when betting.

High security at the game port

Security is one of the most intimate requirements that players require at an online card game portal. Of course, to be able to manage with a huge number of players, the card game portal has done a great job of this.

  • Specifically, all your passwords, accounts or any personal information will be encrypted by the game portal to be able to be absolutely secure.
  • Especially in the game portal, they also allow players to apply 2-layer security features. Accordingly, you can secure your account by email address, phone number through TeleSale.
  • Besides, you can freeze your betting account by calculating the safe tape.

The categories at the Onbet game portal are the most popular among brothers

As mentioned, the game portal is completely different from other card game portals. Because this is a game portal that offers a wide variety of bets. From games in online casinos to sports betting or even lottery games.

Category about cards

The brothers will be able to try their hand at traditional card games in Vietnam such as advancing to the south, bouncing, buying soldiers, three trees, sand pango, ginseng game. Especially not only the tables have 4 people, but the game portal also allows players to try their hand at the solo feature. This is also a very attractive feature and is highly appreciated by many players.

Category about slots

This is also a category where the game portal develops quite strongly. Because they have combined with many units and produced betting games around the world and have selected the most attractive games. Specifically, some of the most popular slot games at the gate include kingdom, thunder, God of Fortune, Aquarium.

Categories about casinos

Like card games, casino is a type of business that has strengths in this game portal. Here you will experience with a gambling feeling like in famous casinos around the world. Along with a wide selection of betting games such as disc jockey, sicbo, Roulette, Dragon Tiger, Blackjack, Baccarat.

Categories on lottery

As mentioned at the bookmaker Onbet offers players very attractive lotteries. In which games such as Powerball, Mega Millions and lottery are 3 types of lucky draw games that you can find in this game lobby.

Register and log in the game portal

If you want to participate in betting at the game portal, do not worry too much about creating an account in this game portal. To be able to own a betting account, you need to follow the following actions:

  • Operation 1: Go to the homepage of the card game portal at the accessed link
  • Operation 2: Click on the registration section, then fill in all the information in the form that the card game portal offers. Finally press “Register”
  • Operation 3: After you have successfully registered an account. Please press F5 back to the website, then proceed to “Login” with the username and Password that you just created.
  • Operation 4: When you have successfully logged in, you will fill in the blank box with the name of the character you want.
  • Operation 5: In the last step, please click on your own username => Security => Click on the phone number, email to be able to complete the account security operation.

How to deposit and withdraw funds

In order to help you play bets, it is convenient to play bets. Now the card game portal has supported players with many different payment methods to be able to suit the needs of customers. The payment methods of the game portal include:

  • Payment through scratch card phone
  • Payment through domestic banking
  • Payment through agents

Steps to deposit money with account via Internet Banking

Let’s follow the steps to fund your account via internet banking:

  • Operation 1: You click on the recharge section of the game portal
  • Operation 2: In the deposit section, you choose the method of depositing through your bank account.
  • Operation 3: Next, fill in the information such as bank name, amount to deposit, then click continue.
  • Operation 4: The card game portal will transfer you to a website to deposit money from the bank of your choice. Here you need to enter your internet banking account information and choose in 1 of 2 forms to confirm sms otp and smart otp.
  • Operation 5: After confirming the otp code, you have completed the transaction to be able to transfer money through the bank.


Onbet is one of the reputable card game portals and has been loved by many players. Hopefully, through this article, I can introduce to you some basic information about this card game portal. Do not forget to register to join the game portal today to be able to receive extremely attractive offers.

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