For many brothers, surely New88 bookmaker is no longer a strange name. This is a betting destination with countless of the most attractive games that you cannot ignore. However, many brothers may not know how to register a New88 bookmaker account. So, today ONBET will guide to register a New88 bookmaker account for beginners.

Why choose to register a New88 bookmaker account?

Among the current online bookmakers, what is the reason why you should prioritize the option of registering to become a member of New88 bookmaker? Join us to find out those outstanding reasons right away!

Why choose to register a member account at NEW88 

New88 – reputable bookmaker with full operating license

New88 is a bookmaker founded and operated by one of the companies in the field of online betting in the Philippines. During its operation, New88 always ensures that all activities are legal and follow the law.

In addition, this online bookmaker also ensures a reputation with full licenses issued by online betting organizations such as PARCOR – Gaming Commission of the Government of the Philippines, Isle of Man Organization, Curacao Gambling,…

New88 – bookmaker with a wide range of online betting services

One of the next reasons why you have to register and experience betting at New88 is in the system of leading online betting services that this bookmaker is providing.

Coming to New88, you will come to the rich and diverse betting world with many different types and fields of betting. Highlights such as:

  • Sports betting, online football betting, New88
  • Esport Sports Betting,
  • Online Casino Casino Betting
  • Slot Game Exploding Jar
  • Online Lottery

New88 – highly secure online bookmaker

The issue of player information security is always the deciding factor in whether to participate in betting at a certain bookmaker or not. With New88, this is the reason why you definitely have to register to become a member.

Currently, New88 bookmaker is equipped with one of the most modern and advanced information security systems in the world. Accordingly, all personal information and transaction information of players will be absolutely safe, there is no case of exposing player information for any purpose.

Detailed instructions on how to register an account

To help you quickly participate in online betting here, the current bookmaker New88 allows you to register a betting account quickly with the simplest operations.

The fastest and simplest guide to registering a New88 account

If you want to successfully register a New88 account, please follow these detailed instructions:

Step 1: First you need to access the homepage of New88 bookmaker via the official link, the latest updated. Please note that you should choose the right link of New88 bookmaker, avoiding the case of mistakenly accessing fake New88 bookmakers.

Step 2: At the main interface of New88 bookmaker, you continue to select the “Register” section and perform the following steps.

Step 3. You will need to complete and correct your personal information at the registration form requested by the bookmaker. This includes: recommendation code (referral code of members introducing brothers to New88); member account; login face; confirmation code; full name; withdrawal password; phone number.

Step 4: After entering all the information, you should check all the information again to make sure it is correct. Moving on, the brothers selected the “Register” button to send an account registration request to New88’s system side.

Step 5: New88’s system will continue to require account registration and need to verify the registration information you provide. Upon successful account verification, you have completed the New88 account registration process and can log into the account to participate in online betting.

Some notes when registering a New88 account

Some notes during new88 account registration

In the process of registering an account to become a member of New88 bookmaker, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

  • Make sure all personal information you have provided is genuine information. Absolutely do not take personal information of others to register a New88 account.
  • In some cases, the account cannot be registered due to incorrect information entered at the request of the bookmaker. You should double-check the information before submitting a registration request.
  • Registering an account at New88 bookmaker is completely free, so you can be assured of this issue.

Summing up

Above, ONBET has introduced all the information on how to register an online betting account at New88 bookmaker. With simple operations, you will quickly become a betting member here and participate in the betting world that only we have!

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