In recent times, Vietnam’s betting market is making strong waves with the extremely popular bookmaker Onbet. To better understand this system as well as attractive promotion policies, please follow the reputable bookmaker Onbet through the article below.

The Onbet promotion has really moved and attracted many long-time players at the system. If you are looking forward to having the best relaxing place, come to this Onbet right away !

Some basic information about the Onbet system

Onbet is known as the official agent of Onbet appearing and serving brothers in the field of online cockfighting betting. In recent years, the appearance of this unit has created a fierce fever that makes many other competitors worry inconsolably.

Onbet cockfighting link has helped Vietnamese brothers get closer and faster to dramatic chicken matches in the easiest and most effective way. Moreover, Onbet is also an agent for many other famous bookmakers in the world, so the system is extremely confident because it brings a rich and diverse game lobby.

As far as we know, Onbet has invested heavily in products as well as customer service. This is also one of the decisive factors to the success of this unit until today.

Introducing Onbet Promotions

If you are an affiliated member of Onbet, do not miss the promotion policies regularly organized by Onbet as follows:

First Deposit Promotion

The first deposit promotion is a program that is applied throughout the bookmaker’s operation. Here, new entrants will have the opportunity to receive a bonus of up to 100% of the deposit value when trading for the first time to the house account. For example, if you deposit 500,000, when completing the confirmation process, the account will add 500,000 and convert to bonus points.

Rewards for refer-a-friend members

This is a program that will be applied when members successfully refer friends to register to participate in Onbet. At this time, the referrer will contact the bookmaker’s call center to be provided with a referral code with a registration link. Finally, that member and the referral enter the code, both 2 will receive bonus points.

Promotions held periodically

With the desire to increase finance to create more motivation for members, Onbet also regularly offers periodic promotions. Just make a deposit transaction and participate in betting, you will have the opportunity to receive a reward worth 30% – 50% of the deposit card.

Important notes when participating in receiving promotions

Important notes when participating in receiving promotions

To ensure fairness for both parties, each member should note an important information while receiving the promotion as follows:

  • Each member can only own a single account to participate in the bonus, if detected immediately your account will be completely deleted
  • In case the member’s account meets many conditions at the same time, the system will select and apply the highest value promotion.
  • To avoid confusion, members should carefully read the terms of each promotion to participate accordingly, avoiding missing out on valuable rewards.
  • Immediately contact the Onbet agent if the player encounters any difficulties.


Above Onbetvip has introduced to you about Onbet Agent in Vietnam. Hopefully, players will better understand the promotion policies at this prestigious system to bring themselves many attractive gifts!

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