Scratch cards and cards are both the top games among casino games at onbet. Many people until now still think that these are just 2 names of 1 type of game. But actually these are 2 separate games. Let’s take a look at the differences of scratch and sacred cards!

What do scratch cards and onbet cards have in common?

Online scratch casino card game with valuable rewards is known as Baccarat in online casino casinos including onbet. Of course, in terms of gameplay, this game will have different changes to suit Vietnamese individuals. Basically, this card game still uses the standard 52-card deck and each player when participating will be dealt 3 cards.

The song in onbet is also called scratch card by players, an attractive folk game, very popular in Vietnam. Lien has simple, easy-to-grasp gameplay. There is a similar gameplay to the Southern song that is known and loved by many people.

Other points in how to play 2 casino card games

You can easily see the difference after looking through the rules of the games. Plus, you can distinguish based on the following points:

Number of players

There will be 2 to 6 participants and in some cases there will be more but each scratch card player must be dealt enough 3 cards. The scratch card form will be divided into both bookmakers and children’s houses separately.

Each regular 3-card scratch card bet is limited to a maximum of 6 people

The Lien card that the onbet bookmaker organizes allows from 2 to 6 people to participate in a game. The game uses a full deck of 52 cards (2, 3, 4…, Q, K, A), eliminating 2 joker pieces. The system will randomly deal cards to players, until each player has 3 cards, then stop.

Card betting rules At the onbet game portal, players will proceed with the feature and bet counterclockwise. The first player is either the winner of the previous game or the dealer if it is the first game.

Scoring in casino card games

Scoring is the most important way of calculating points, the scoring rules are very strict. Ace cards will be conventionally equal to 1 point. Cards 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 will have a score that matches the current number of points on each card. Figure cards are prescribed as 10 points.

The scratch article will not distinguish whether the quality is the same or different. Therefore, the person with the score equal to or closest to 9 will win the whole bet. For example, the total number of points is 26, you will have a score of 6 points. Or if your total score is 10 then the score is 0 and in that case, the onbet bookmaker calls it The Offset Rake.

Lien is only 3 cards in a row e.g. 4, 5, 6. The smallest draw is A, 1, 2 and the highest draw is Q, K, A. When two people draw, whoever lies higher wins. In Lien, too, the analysis of the winnings and losses of the best quality cards in order from large to small is Ro, Co, Clove, Bich.

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Hopefully, what we have listed has helped you clearly distinguish between the two types of casino card games above. If you have the opportunity, try all 2 to experience their uniqueness. Onbet bookmakers always welcome you to join and enjoy.

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