Hotlive app gives money to experience is a familiar form of promotion that players have the opportunity to receive from online entertainment applications today. The explosive development of technology today brings people more addresses and forms of entertainment to make money in cyberspace, typically Chinese hotlive Apps appear with a variety of monetization channels and unique entertainment products. Let’s take a look at some hotlive Apps that have been storming in recent times.

Hotlive App: New Monetization Solution


The current hotlive apps on the market are mainly Chinese hotlive apps, the investment in technology and grasping the entertainment trend of young people has helped these applications become closer and closer to many people.

Players can participate in relaxing entertainment with hotlive Apps with a huge stock of images and videos of hot girls, male gods, hot trend videos, new hot trends with a variety of topics. Not only that, participants also have the opportunity to earn a lot of money when becoming social network idols, having the same number of fans and receiving many gifts from fans as well as producers.

The solution to earn money through the hotlive App helps participants not to be limited in time and space. Players can register completely free of charge and experience with regular electronic devices with an internet connection.

Advantages from monetization through the hotlive App

Making money from hotlive Apps is a new form, but it is not difficult, on the contrary, this type has many advantages to help people experience moments of entertainment to make money more comfortable and easier.

The first advantage can be mentioned that when participating in the Hotlive App, players can completely take the initiative in their time, you do not necessarily have to participate in a fixed time frame but can comfortably experience anytime, anywhere.

This completely free form of earning does not require players to spend money to register or have to raise an account. The hotlive form does not require you to invest in anything, even more attractive than the hotlive App that gives experience money to players to participate.

Join the hotlive App you can take advantage of this environment to be able to live products for sale, to trade the items you have. As long as you have a business sense, this is where you can make the most of the value of product promotion.

You can also make money from receiving gifts from fans from entertainment activities or valuable livestream videos you bring to the community. Hotlive App players will not spare money to spend gifts for you and you also receive commissions from the application provider when you become the idol of the online playground.


Hotlive Apps give huge experience money to members

Most of the hotlive Apps currently own interesting entertainment platforms for members such as dating to get acquainted, livestream advertising, livestream showing off hot images, videos or live casinos, card game products, slots … Some hotlive Apps give experience money to players with great value such as:

Momolive App

To talk about the momolive App, this is a hot live application that is creating a huge attraction today. This huge experience hotlive app gives players valuable cash gifts to try their hand at momolive entertainment platforms.

Momolive application gives players a huge store of real money betting games with familiar titles such as crabs, slag, advance, blackjack, disc jockeys … Players can participate in extremely convenient money-making entertainment with big win rate games and extremely fast deposits and withdrawals.

To have a beautiful girl viewing environment and play money-making games, momolive is a perfect choice for everyone. Simple easy installation application, beautiful interface, fast and stable speed and safety for the device.

Hotlive 500 live app

Speaking of the new but modern hotlive App with many high-end entertainment products, it must be mentioned the Hotlive 500 live App. The interface of the application is beautifully designed, many attractive new features for participants. Download the application easily with a compact, safe file design for the device.


The hotlive 500 live app is a place that brings many great incentives for participating members. A discount of 10-20% from members’ initial deposits is a huge number. The hotlive app gives experience money to players to participate in entertainment platforms such as casino games, card games, folk games.

Coming to the 500 live application, meeting with top hotgirls has never been so easy, the four-way friendship space is always ready to welcome everyone. A massive entertainment store with free videos, images, livestream activities and top idols in the region.

Summing up

The hotlive app gives money to experience , giving players a lot of convenience when they do not have to spend any capital to get the opportunity to entertain and earn money from attractive famous live applications. Do not hesitate to join the hotlive App to receive many huge promotions and enjoy your passion for entertainment with these applications.

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