In addition to the website system, it is invested and developed to ensure stable and quality operation. Fun88 also builds Fun88 application to serve the betting needs of players. The question is how to download Fun88 app for iOS and Android operating systems? What are the important notes when downloading the Fun88 app to pay attention to? Let’s go through each content with ONBET for the following steps.

Why choose to download Fun88 app to your phone?

The choice of downloading the house app or not depends on the advantages it brings. Let’s see the reasons for players to decide which mobile Fun88 app to download:

Attracted by the impressive interface

Not inferior to any other bookmaker when Fun88 app has a perfect interface. The bookmaker impresses players especially those who are new to the interface. The bookmaker interface is a brand image that Fun88 focuses on investing in designing and building graphics.

The interface layout is logically arranged to the smallest detail for the user. Participating players can easily find important bright spots according to each item. Quickly download the Fun88 app now to experience its advantages.

Betting at the app is more flexible

No matter where players work, they just need to own a smartphone. You can already participate in betting without moving far. The special thing is to meet the convenience for players to conveniently participate. Through this application, just one click to choose to participate in betting entertainment immediately.

At the same time, it is not the same as accessing betting at the website that has to sit constantly on the computer. Players when downloading the Fun88 app can participate in betting in any comfortable position. Typically, you can both lie in bed resting and betting on simple and convenient entertainment.

Restrict access to blocked links

An undeniable advantage is that playing online betting is illegal. This means that betting business in Vietnam is not legally guaranteed. Therefore, when accessing the official website of the bookmaker Fun88 will be blocked.

This leads to players not being able to participate in betting when facing difficulties. However, fortunately, you can download the Fun88 app, the restriction on blocking links is fixed.

Instructions on how to download Fun88 app for iOS and Android

The process of downloading the app and installing it is extremely fast for all players. It only takes you a certain amount of 3-5 minutes to complete the download and installation. Please refer to the following detailed instructions on how to download the app right away:

Download Fun88 app for iOS

For the form of downloading applications for iOS is extremely simple and easy for participants.

Step 1: Visit the Fun88 website link

The first step to do is to follow the link to Fun88 bookmaker’s website. Then, when the bookmaker interface appears, log in or register an account. Click the “Download application” section on the homepage interface to proceed with the direct download.

Step 2: Download Fun88 for iOS

  • The dealer will redirect to scan the QR code. iOS operating system when downloading the application will have many relatively difficult points because of its high security.
  • The system will immediately notify at iTunes and the player presses the option at the Open button.
  • Proceed to click Install the application automatically to ensure the fastest time.

Step 3: Install the app on your phone

Players start the installation operation on the personal phone after downloading. Select Executive, and then select Next, and then tap Business apps. Note that players need to confirm Trust to complete the installation.

Step 4: Check and start opening the app

The user exits the interface and returns to the home screen to open the application. If the application is not activated, try again. In case it is still not possible to try again, contact Fun88 for support.

Download Fun88 app for iOS simply

How to download Fun88 app to Android

Specifically about how to download Fun88 app for Android operating system, let’s find out:

Step 1: Visit the Fun88 website link

Similar to how to download Fun88 app to iOS, it is the same for Android. The first thing is to follow the bookmaker’s website link and proceed to log in to the account. Here, players select the “Download applications” section and select the Android operating system app on the menu.

Step 2: Download Fun88 for Android

The bookmaker gives players 2 options and you can choose 1 of 2 ways to download. One is to download via QR code scan and Download directly when clicking.

The system automatically downloads the Fun88 app to the device when connected to the Internet. If there’s a network connection issue, update it to start downloading again.

Step 3: Install the app on your phone

After completing the download process, start granting permission to use the application. For granting permissions to the application, the player clicks on the “Settings” section. Then at “Application Manager” click to license the Fun88 application.

Step 4: Test and start betting at the app

The user exits and returns to the home screen interface to open the app and join.

Download Fun88 app for Android simply


Above ONBET has guided and provided information about each step for Fun88 app download guide for iOS and Android. Hope if players need to experience then go to the web and download it from now on.

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